New York Times - Feb 16 2020

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Clues Answers
'Ars Amatoria' writer OVID
'Butt out!' MYOB
'Ciao' ADIOS
'Consarn it!' DRAT
'E.T.' actress Wallace DEE
'Go ahead,' in Shakespeare BEITSO
'Hallelujah, praise the Lord!' GODISGOOD
'Here's something that'll help' USETHIS
'I'll come to you ___': Macbeth ANON
'Just ___ boy, born and raised in South Detroit' (lyric from 'Don't Stop Believin'') ACITY
'Make sense?' GETIT
'Not on ___!' ABET
'Slumdog Millionaire' co-star ___ Kapoor ANIL
'Ugh, stop talking already!' TMI
'Wahoo!' YAY
'Yes, captain' AYEAYESIR
1974 Eurovision winner that went on to international stardom ABBA
Amorphous creatures AMOEBAE
Area the Chinese call Xizang TIBET
At any time EVER
Be a snitch TELL
Beginner, in modern lingo NOOB
Bible study: Abbr REL
Bring (out) for display TROT
Broadway opening ACTI
Brown SEAR
Buzz source KAZOO
Candy wrapped in a tube ROLO
Chicago mayor Lightfoot LORI
Club ___ SODA
Cocktail specification NOICE
Contact lens care brand RENU
Cozy spots to stop INNS
Declare for the draft, say TURNPRO
Dreaded musician of the 1960s-'70s MARLEY
Drops on the ground? DEW
Duty for a property owner LANDTAX
Edited, in a way RECUT
Eensy-weensy ITTY
Egypt's 'king of the gods' AMUNRA
Excellent conductors MAESTRI
Facetious response to a verbal jab OUCH
Fictional creature made from slime ORC
Final authority SAYSO
Flour filter SIEVE
Full of tension TAUT
Funeral ceremony EXEQUY
Gaping opening MAW
Go across SPAN
High hairstyle POUF
Howe'er THO
Immature stage of a salamander EFT
In store TOCOME
Invoice directive REMIT
It's SW of Erie, Pa AKRONOH
Items that, ironically, contain nickel DIMES
Kind of case in grammar DATIVE
Kisses, in Cambridge SNOGS
Knock out AWE
Letter in the classical spelling of 'Athena' ETA
Letters of credit? IOU
Life lessons? BIOLOGY
Like most medical journal articles SCIENCY
Clues Answers
Like some New Orleans cooking CAJUN
Like the presidency of John Adams ONETERM
Longtime Eagles QB Donovan MCNABB
Low-level, as a class INTRO
Luxurious affair GALA
Lyrical, as poetry ODIC
Major Southwest hub, for short PHX
Mammoth BIG
Man's name that sounds like two consecutive letters of the alphabet OPIE
Millennial, informally GENYER
Miss in the future, maybe MRS
Muscle cars of the '60s GTOS
N.Y.C. neighborhood near NoLIta SOHO
New pedometer reading OOOO
Not quite right AMISS
Oktoberfest vessels STEINS
On-the-go sort BUSYBEE
Openly controversial opinions HOTTAKES
Oval Office V.I.P POTUS
Period preceding a school break EXAMS
Plant holder? VAT
Put in jeopardy THREATEN
Question that might be asked when hurrying into a meeting AMILATE
Rainbows, e.g ARCS
Relative of marmalade QUINCEJELLY
Restaurant handouts for calorie counters DIETMENUS
Sack CAN
Scatterbrained DITZY
See 106-Across DETOO
See 59-Across POWER
Shed some pounds SLIMUP
Sister channel of HBO CINEMAX
Sleep: Prefix SOMNI
Sloan School of Management sch MIT
Soldier on horseback LANCER
Some battery ends CATHODES
Some unfair hiring managers AGEISTS
Specks MOTES
Spicy, crunchy snack tidbit WASABIPEA
Square up with REPAY
Sun ___, 'The Art of War' philosopher TZU
Suspect FISHY
Symbols of failure EFFS
Team ___ USA
Things passed between the legs? BATONS
Title host of radio's first major quiz show DRIQ
Toward the stern ABAFT
Transition point CUSP
Western tribe UTE
What the answer at 26-Across is written in SPANISH
What the answer at 45-Across is written in GERMAN
What the answer at 61-Across is written in FRENCH
What the answer at 75-Across is written in ITALIAN
What will happily sell its Soul? KIA
Where most of America's gold is mined NEVADA
Where Wagner was born and Bach died LEIPZIG
Whom Harry Potter frees from serving Draco Malfoy's family DOBBYTHEHOUSEELF
Willem of 'John Wick' DAFOE
Wishy-washy R.S.V.P IMAY
With 103-Across, character in Episodes I through IX of 'Star Wars' ARTOO
With 60-Across, take control after a coup SEIZE
With 92-Across, alternative title for this puzzle LOSTIN
With a wink SLYLY
Word before card or fund INDEX
___ Salvador SAN