- Feb 15 2020

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Clues Answers
''Benighted walks under the __ sun'': Milton MIDDAY
''LET'S BACK __'' ('50s collectible button) IKE
''Pinocchio'' excerpt CEL
''To thine own self be true'' addressee LAERTES
''UR hysterical'' ROFL
''__ is a Diamond'' (''Evita'' tune) SHE
11-Grammy Hall of Famer RAITT
About 5 mL TSP
Agony __ (British advice columnist) AUNT
Alpha Canis Majoris SIRIUS
Antonym of ''pamper'' MAUL
Apt sponsor of Disney's ''DuckTales'' AFLAC
Bias-cut edible PENNE
Big name at the British Museum ELGIN
Bordeaux from north of Bordeaux MEDOC
Caught SAW
Charity, quite frequently DONEE
Chess-playing computer in a '60s film HAL
College news of 2019 CHEATINGSCANDAL
Creator of ''the miserable monster'' MARYSHELLEY
Durable mat material SISAL
Exercised USED
First nation with auto license plates FRANCE
Foot-dragger's feeling DREAD
Frequent letter carriers WINDOWENVELOPES
Gets no help GOESITALONE
Grunts PEONS
Home of Cherokee Landing State Pk OKLA
Hustle away BOLT
It can mean ''modified'' NEO
Lab vial contents SERA
Like a giraffe calf GANGLY
Clues Answers
Literary inspiration MODEL
Mayflower Cafe entrée SCROD
Moderates SLOWS
Much more than mist PEASOUP
Overriding DIRE
Poet/novelist/critic/inventor from Ottawa ATWOOD
Poker variety PROD
Possible scenarios IFS
Pre-docking liner boarder PILOT
Promote dissolution, perhaps STIR
Proposal acceptance LETS
Published RAN
Put up or over SELL
Rooting area STY
Routine ACT
Saddle __ SOAP
Script writers MDS
Search warrant servers SWATTEAM
Silver Helmet Award nominator AMVET
Spider silk abundance WEBS
Spider silk abundance TENSILESTRENGTH
Stop on the Amsterdam-Eindhoven line UTRECHT
Subj. with booms and crashes ECON
The CIA __ (confidentiality, integrity and availability) TRIAD
They're inspiring LUNGS
Travels tirelessly SLEDS
Trust of a sort ESCROW
Unremarkable SOSO
Vague ''rumeur'' ONDIT
[or sometimes] AKA
__ of America MALL