The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,385 - Feb 14 2020

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Clues Answers
& 29 Across Drill enacted with passion, enjoying hotel? CANDLELIT
'Oil must be refined' -- Panorama reported words of Today ILOVEYOU
... 'Pants on!', instructed lawyer BRIEFED
... and she'll give him a ring back, maybe -- to say this? ITHEEWED
Adult crackers go to bed worth laying on! AGOODBET
All but set for rejection, a 'Yes' surprisingly on the cards IDARESAY
American given to hum fitting cornerstone -- but why? AQUOIBON
Balls of mashed potato and salsa? DANCES
Bringing up central part of clause more formal DRIER
Character husband needs in the end to work at with intensity DEEPLY
Cook to carve ham OVERACT
For which happily quit ale? TEQUILA
Go out on a limb about keeping love's last observations online WEBLOG
Home -- and not home, somehow INAWAY
In audition, change bird -- 15 will be at it one day ALTARRAIL
Is there something in the wine I provided, old chap? ELDER
Clues Answers
Large part of church falling away LAPSE
Little love being returned in bed, daughter's instead accepted alternative liaison? BLINDDATE
Loves having rewritten Act 5 in book OCTAVO
Loving to all INTOTO
Motel open? What lovers might do in here? ELOPE
Priest caught in nudist camp? ... ABBE
Rather dress stays unopened? ABIT
See 6 Down DINNER
Some heat, with one major slice of fortune, reversed kidney stones CALCULI
Someone will give her another ring just before the match ... BRIDETOBE
The couple care about backing off BOTH
The game's up, shelving one fine romance with firm's Head of Production AFAIRCOP
This tuned rendering melodious note? OSOLEMIO
Tops off boldly, little old couple parties together BLOC
Vows having been given to an orderly I didn't know about ONOATH
You need to shake Caruso up, for certain ACOUPSUR