Irish Times (Crosaire) - Feb 15 2020

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Clues Answers
A father gets to take one's hat off to show appreciation APPLAUD
Adore novel following K in The Trial ORDEAL
Bantam knocked around ring by one of those earning a living in a crafty way? BOATMAN
Barman with a German name is wasted BLOTTO
Catholic Pole in awful choir is persistent in a sick way CHRONIC
Caught in Seine swimming with female members of family NIECES
Deer picked up in video recordings ROE
Didn't lose the head with what aristocrat did to get away from Madame La Guillotine (5,3'1,4) SAVEDONESNECK
Economist drops some stimulant TONIC
Exotic dancer dismisses d?cor, as it's wide of the mark INEXACT
Feature film doesn't include fateful Arabian ruler EMIR
Fragment of upsetting artwork censored? It's a head turner! NECK
In retrospect, Aidan isn't finished taking credit for a pastoral setting ARCADIA
Included in holidays in Cork LID
Is backed in horse racing with caution CARE
Is this the type of cover we all have at the end of 8 down? SKIN
It's a figment of one's imagination hearing hymn from Cockney in California CHIMERA
Midwives' curious ritual is, in reality, very ''PC''! VIRTUAL
Movie playing to close Horrorthon? Take Possession of the House! MOVEIN
Clues Answers
Oscar and Arnold Rock from American city ORLANDO
Outstanding types in sample served up by modest Bedouins DEBTS
Physical part of the Sussex amphitheatre EXAM
Precious type is soft on heir's report providing domestic support AUPAIRS
Ran away from trouble - it's what the dermatologist might have done (5,3'1,4) SAVEDONESSKIN
Resent leaving general store in large numbers GALORE
Segment of the debacle from The Sound of Music perhaps CLEF
Set of standards covering a German drug CODEINE
Shark skin from basking shark in a piece of luggage BAG
Some problem anticipated by one of the fellows MAN
Sting playing up in volatile Tibet BITE
Store the Jam?n Ib?rico in the food bank to avoid a disaster (4,3'1,5) SAVEONESBACON
Take the edge off a large place ALLAY
The region encompassing Arabian Sea AREA
Tickle someone pink with final quote from former partner EXCITE
Walking on air like sisters heading off ELATED
Wears a mask, as it avoids embarrassment (5,3'1,4) SAVESONESFACE
What the goalkeeper does for all sides today SAVES
Young men lose the head with condition briefly of Pearl's home OYSTER