Universal - Feb 14 2020

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Clues Answers
"Let's go!" CMON
"Little ___ Annie" ORPHAN
"Madam Secretary" star Tea LEONI
"Shoot!" DANG
"Stop it!" ENOUGH
"Tight" or "loose" follower END
"Watchmen" network HBO
"___ is me!" WOE
*Bagel or dressing choice (in each starred answer, note three outer letters and a pair of inner ones!) POPPYSEED
*Caught some quick Z's at work POWERNAPPED
*Like a lethal arrow, perhaps POISONTIPPED
*Prepared for movie night, maybe POPPEDINADVD
*When a young boxer might start training? PUPPYHOOD
A little, in music POCO
Actor and activist Davis OSSIE
Actor Joe PESCI
Actress and inventor Hedy LAMARR
Add with a caret INSERT
ATM code PIN
Bamboozled HAD
Banners on some websites ADS
Black, in French NOIR
Bottom-of-desk woe GUM
Builds a new room, e.g ADDSON
Buzz Lightyear or Sheriff Woody TOY
Candy in dispensers PEZ
China setting ASIA
Chowed down ATE
City that was "gifted" a wooden horse TROY
Clearasil target ACNE
Cries and cries SOBS
Each sibling's possible answer to "Who broke this?!" NOTME
Egg-shaped OVOID
Exec's degree, often MBA
Far from special PLAINOLD
Fill-in SUB
Fly, to a spider PREY
Focal points LOCI
Clues Answers
Ford claimed they were the cars of the future EDSELS
Fruit concern ROT
Hale-___ comet BOPP
Hangout with a swinging door SALOON
Holey fabric MESH
Isle near Sorrento CAPRI
Kind of ray, briefly UVA
Largest hot desert SAHARA
Like a down pillow SOFT
Like most vintage goods USED
Like stranger things ODDER
Limerick or haiku POEM
Longings YENS
Machu Picchu's range ANDES
Make do? COMPEL
Monte ___ CARLO
Nala and Simba LIONS
Newsman Rather DAN
Not good at all? EVIL
Nutrition unit: Abbr CAL
Philly transit system (PASTE anagram) SEPTA
Picture book? ALBUM
Prez on a penny ABE
Sauteing supply, to Rachael Ray EVOO
Screw up MISDO
Smidge IOTA
Soaked (up) SOPPED
Sound of an air-kiss MWAH
Space paths ORBITS
Subj. with monopolies ECON
Submit a resume, say APPLY
There may be a fork in one ROAD
Wacky ZANY
When a procrastinator takes action? TOMORROW
Winter ailments FLUS
Word spoken with a sigh ALAS
Writing a glowing review RAVING
___ pad (place for notes) MEMO