- Feb 13 2020

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Clues Answers
''American'' island group SAMOA
''Fifty Shades of Grey'' woman STEELE
''Planet Money'' airer NPR
''Star Wars'' series captor JABBA
20 Questions category ANIMAL
ABC sister network ESPN
Alpo alternative PURINA
Assigned work JOB
Austen title character EMMA
Back from the sea ASHORE
Big house SLAMMER
Boy portrayed by Barbra YENTL
Caspian Sea feeder URAL
Clearly written LEGIBLE
Cover, as with cobblestones PAVE
Cry of the terrified EEK
Curator's expertise ART
Cut off END
Decisive deadline DDAY
Descriptor for doves ANTIWAR
Don't eat FAST
Emulated Ahab WHALED
Endorse digitally ESIGN
Espresso server BARISTA
Excited about INTO
Executive team CABINET
File identifier NAME
Flies apart BURSTS
Floor décor RUG
Four-legged forest ranger ELK
Garden path coverings ARBORS
Golf ball feature DIMPLE
Hamlet, for one DANE
Harpo Productions CEO OPRAH
Have a bug AIL
High-level HS science class APBIO
Important timeline portion ERA
Clues Answers
In __ of (supplanting) LIEU
Jacket material BLURB
Justice League superhero GREENLANTERN
Kit __ (Hershey brand) KAT
Leaf pore STOMA
Legislative vacancy OPENSEAT
List shortener ETAL
Loan recipients DEBTORS
Lubricate OILUP
May honoree MOM
Minor conflict SPAT
Motown superstar GAYE
Nautical command AVAST
None the worse for wear OKAY
Old-school studio storage FILMCAN
Pal of Falstaff HAL
Piece of flatware KNIFE
Prelude LEADUP
Presented proportionately TOSCALE
Public persona FACE
Regional plants FLORA
Sandwiches with sauerkraut REUBENS
Shelter topper ROOF
Snoopy's imaginary nemesis REDBARON
Stewart once of ''The Daily Show'' JON
Summer stinger YELLOWJACKET
Symbol in Tolkien books RUNE
Symbol of happiness BLUEBIRD
Two-Oscar Penn SEAN
Valhalla overlord ODIN
Visited many cities TOURED
What some boats hold SAUCES
Where cash might be cached WALLSAFE
Without any guarantee ASIS
Wool source ALPACA
__-de-sac CUL