USA Today - Apr 3 2020

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Clues Answers
'Aight, cool' BET
'Big Little ___' LIES
'Let's eat!' DIGIN
'Queen Sugar' star Lifford TINA
'Quickly, please!' ASAP
'Shadowhunters' character who falls for Magnus ALEC
All tidied up NEAT
Animated mermaid ARIEL
Asset for a 'spot the difference' player EAGLEEYE
Baking tin with a central tube BUNDTPAN
Beer garden offerings ALES
Beer garden offerings BREWSKIS
Beyond mad IRATE
Bit of ballet gear SHOE
Bracelet bit BEAD
Brave BOLD
Brings down the house SLAYS
Buzzing sounds HUMS
Careers in cubicles, say DESKJOBS
College paths MAJORS
Come to your ___ SENSES
Construct MAKE
D.C. baseball team, for short NATS
Did intelligence work SPIED
Dolphin relative ORCA
Equipment on a red truck FIREHOSE
Fast snake MAMBA
Figure skater Asada MAO
Florida city home to Calle Ocho MIAMI
Gets in a tizzy HASKITTENS
Getting older AGING
Gloat BRAG
Hold liable BLAME
Hot ___ (disaster) MESS
Island near Venezuela ARUBA
Its juice might help lower blood pressure BEET
Landform similar to a mesa BUTTE
Lead-ins to holidays EVES
Clues Answers
Liquids from maples SAPS
Marx treatise DASKAPITAL
Meetup from Scruff, perhaps DATE
Microphone holder STAND
Mother's nickname MAMA
Nachos need CHEESE
Name that becomes another name if you move the first letter to the end RAMI
Not hit the target MISS
Not very much JUSTASKOSH
Obsessive fan STAN
Old ___ (ex) FLAME
Potato ___ (appetizer) SKINS
Prefix for 'pilot' AUTO
Restaurant ordering option ALACARTE
Role for Ciara Renee in Broadway's 'Frozen' ELSA
Rushed SPED
San ___ County, New Mexico JUAN
Savings plan initials IRA
Screen ___ (film website) RANT
Seemingly forever EONS
Shinbone TIBIA
Sibilant summoning sound PSST
Slightly ABIT
Some dancewear HULASKIRTS
Some German cars, for short VWS
Soothing gel ingredient ALOE
Southernmost Great Lake ERIE
Spanish bites TAPAS
Stock units SHARES
Tooth ailment ACHE
Totally nails ACES
Type of belly button OUTIE
Urgent request PLEA
Warning sign OMEN
Wise ones SAGES
Wooden strip SLAT
Word after 'gift' or 'chop' SHOP