USA Today - Apr 1 2020

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Clues Answers
'Dear Girls' author Wong ALI
'Gone Girl' star Rosamund PIKE
'I love you,' in a telenovela TEAMO
'I'll give you a ride' HOPIN
'It can't be!' OHNO
'Long ___, the four nations lived together in harmony . . .' AGO
'Not really a fan' MEH
'Stuf'-stuffed cookie OREO
'That's a ___-out!' COP
'Where ___ the time gone?' HAS
'Who would've thought?' response NOTME
Also-ran in an Aesop fable HARE
Arcade coin TOKEN
Arranged in rings COILED
Attempt STAB
Beagle-biting bug FLEA
Bossip subject, for short CELEB
Can't stand HATE
Civil wrong TORT
Cobbler and pie, for two DESSERTS
Comb-over alternative TOUPEE
Construction site hoist CRANE
Cornell grad in 'The Office' ANDY
Creamy pastes PUREES
Cricket competition TESTMATCH
Cruise ship destination ISLE
Deere competitor TORO
Dining room fixture TABLE
Dirt in a window box SOIL
Discreet 'Hey, you!' PSST
Dressed like Judge Judy ROBED
Foot or yard, e.g UNIT
Gift attachment TAG
Gives the right ENTITLES
Goatee's place CHIN
H.S. science class APCHEM
Ingredient in 25-Down TURMERIC
Inventory-clearing event SALE
Clues Answers
Javelin trajectories ARCS
Letter after alpha BETA
Like some dogs' coats SHAGGY
Lying facedown PRONE
Mad scientist's workplace LAB
Mailbox opening SLOT
Mandarin Chinese has four main ones TONES
Many a Thai dish CURRY
Marie Curie won two NOBELS
Meeting, informally SESH
Memorization aids FLASHCARDS
NOR's runner-up in the all-time Winter Games medal count USA
Number of K tiles in Scrabble ONE
Off the beaten ___ PATH
Oodles ATON
Open audition CATTLECALL
Parcel out ALLOT
Peak performance AGAME
Perfect season spoiler LOSS
Platform for Apple devices IOS
Poet's device LINEBREAK
Polished off some paella, say ATE
Protracted attacks SIEGES
Road-racing vehicle RALLYCAR
Scornful sound PFFT
Serengeti sounds ROARS
Shoe bottoms SOLES
Similar AKIN
Tennis great Williams SERENA
The Devil SATAN
Trash holder CAN
Turkey farm resident TOM
Untrustworthy people LIARS
Virtual person in a video game franchise SIM
Warty amphibians TOADS
Wood that's difficult to split ELM
Worked with a scene partner ACTED
Wrap up END
___ on Wheels MEALS