Wall Street Journal - Feb 13 2020 - Heart Breaking

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Clues Answers
“Curiouser and curiouser!” speaker ALICE
“The Memory of Trees” singer ENYA
Account entry ITEM
Accusative, e.g CASE
Acid variety AMINO
Acting legend Hagen UTA
Avoided work, in a way NAPPED
Barclays Center team NETS
Be on a par with RIVAL
Bear with a big chair PAPA
Berth place SHIP
Bibliographer’s abbr ETAL
Blunt in the Senate ROY
Browser button HOME
Capital of Troy? TAU
Cars with Autopilot, Autopark and Summon capabilities TESLAS
Checkout aid SCANNER
Clothes lines HEMS
Colleague of Thomas ALITO
Comic novel of 1816 EMMA
Cooler PEN
Copa Mundial cry OLE
Cynically insensitive JADED
Dionne Warwick to Whitney Houston, e.g COUSIN
Doesn’t stay put ROAMS
Emperor Pachacuti, for one INCA
Eurasia, e.g LANDMASS
Fifer, e.g SCOT
Gag reflex? LAUGH
Hang loosely LOLL
Hearth sight EMBER
Idaho, e.g SPUD
Ill-mannered sort BOOR
Jake’s wife, on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” AMY
Jubilant feeling GLEE
Kaz who homered on the first pitch of his MLB career MATSUI
Known to be effective TESTED
Leaves for a drink TEA
Clues Answers
Lustful RANDY
Luxor’s setting THESTRIP
Mason product JAR
May honorees MOMS
Mended fences MADEUP
Mischievous ones IMPS
Nectanebo II built a temple to her ISIS
One might get hammered NAIL
One might have designs on your floor ORIENTALCAR
Org. that monitors chatter NSA
Peevishness BILE
Picked up GAINED
Pigheaded MULISH
Plea on a knee MARRYME
Posthaste ATONCE
Price leader ARSIGN
Quarrels RUNINS
Rail splitter AXE
Rooms for romance EYMOONSUITE
Sealed vial AMPULE
Shell competitor OAR
Short person? DEBTOR
Shortly INABIT
Simple tops TEES
Sought pearls, perhaps DIVED
Spa offerings PEELS
Spot for a stud PIERCE
Stock collections HERDS
Sulky state POUT
Sweetheart DOLL
Sweetheart PET
Sweetheart HON
Sweetheart DEAR
Sweethearts no more EXES
They take bows CELLOS
Tormented ATEAT
Treasury secretary under Clinton RUBIN
Trickster of African folk tales HARE
What I’m pointing at THAT