The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1547

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Clues Answers
A teacher receiving US vocalist in Oxon town ABINGDON
Asian joke involving a retired nurse once JAPANESE
Cap soldiers had at Kitchener’s offensive, initially? SHAKO
Clumsy writer held up by computer technology INEPT
Company absorbing revolutionary statement of belief CREDO
Disadvantage the Spanish suffered originally LOSS
Drunk beginning to braise game BLOTTO
Happen to arrive at route through mountains come to pass
Instrument of torture little Tom’s gang used THUMBSCREW
Labrador, say, starts to gobble grub outside peacekeepers’ party? GUNDOG
Loyalty for example accepted by coalition ALLEGIANCE
Man turned up, crossing a defensive ditch MOAT
Clues Answers
Mean woman in bad temper, blowing top? AVERAGE
Mischievous like Charlie, disrupting mass meeting RASCALLY
Ornamental bobble a couple of dogs required POMPOM
Playground amenity was set up by diocese SEESAW
Predatory mammal some go on about? MONGOOSE
Skill of old wife employed in section of media PROWESS
Some of them market a 19th-century novel EMMA
Take a dekko — and see all right LOOK
Texture of fabric you and I have spoken of WEAVE
Tone down a painting technique TEMPERA
Unusually hot steam starts to ruin this temperature regulator THERMOSTAT
Worked in garden before private dance HOEDOWN