Universal - Feb 11 2020

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Clues Answers
"A 23-Down and fries," e.g ORDER
"How ___ I to know?" WAS
"Weeping" tree WILLOW
"___, poor Yorick!" ALAS
(I'm shocked!) GASP
2017 Allison Janney biopic ITONYA
Ada Lovelace's poet father BYRON
Amy Winehouse album with the song "Rehab" BACKTOBLACK
Arrays of resources ARSENALS
Bedecks ADORNS
Burl who sang "A Holly Jolly Christmas" IVES
California wine mecca NAPA
Candidate who's a long shot DARKHORSE
Central Florida city OCALA
Congresswoman Ilhan OMAR
Diva's domain OPERA
Dog command often given with a forward-facing palm STAY
Down Under birds EMUS
Dutch cheese EDAM
Ebony or mahogany WOOD
Elicit a grin from AMUSE
Especially eager HOTTOTROT
Famous ___ cookies AMOS
Fascinate INTRIGUE
Fireworks reaction OOH
From both speakers INSTEREO
Garment tied with an obi KIMONO
Golden Arches pork sandwich MCRIB
Hand (out) DOLE
Headphones, slangily CANS
Hibernation at ultra-low temperatures, in sci-fi CRYOSLEEP
Like schemes that require money PAYTOPLAY
Lumps of dirt CLODS
Maguire of "Spider-Man" TOBEY
Make-out sesh in the park, e.g PDA
Meteor shower named for a zodiac constellation LEONIDS
Mystery great Christie AGATHA
Clues Answers
Nadal, to fans RAFA
Online shopping icon CART
Org. concerned with wedge issues? PGA
Places for a pint PUBS
Primary strategy PLANA
Privy to INON
Prize won by Marie Curie NOBEL
Purchases BUYS
Ready for shenanigans DOWNTOCLOWN
Response to "I've got an idea!" OKSHOOT
Retail spot for Spot PETCO
Saudi, e.g ARAB
Shade similar to eggshell IVORY
Short flight HOP
Sicilian peak ETNA
Sir, in Stuttgart HERR
Sister Sledge's "___ Family" WEARE
Sour candy brand WARHEADS
Stylish CHIC
Take aboard a spaceship ABDUCT
Takes all of, as a blanket HOGS
Taylor Swift's signature lipstick shade RED
The fourth letter of "cancel," but not the first SOFTC
Thompson of "Thor: Ragnarok" TESSA
To be, to Trajan ESSE
Toy with a tail KITE
TV dance judge Lythgoe NIGEL
Type ILK
Type of '60s boots GOGO
U.K. lawmakers MPS
Velvety forest growth MOSS
Wanderer NOMAD
What might hold a lot of cereal SILO
Where to see the 5-Down SKY
WNBA game site ARENA
___ Alto PALO
___ Park, Colorado ESTES