The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1546

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Clues Answers
A meeting place in Broad Street AVENUE
A reduction on top is clearly superior a cut above
Characteristic of a m-mark of respect ATTRIBUTE
Child receiving a second slice for breakfast? TOAST
Company, they say, that is part of network TWO
Dress that’s loose at the back placed in metal container CAFTAN
Fielder’s success, perhaps, an unexpected difficulty CATCH
Good to enter royal house? It can be a headache HANGOVER
Like taking ends off AKIN
Loaf, key element COBALT
Man alone at the bottom in ravine GEORGE
Mark on computer screen has one swearing aloud CURSOR
Clues Answers
Newt left as lake vanishes EFT
One beaten to motorway more than once tom-tom
One given discretion to let spy out of prison free agent
Pet in front of a barrier heard to yowl CATERWAUL
Revellers’ options just before November trick or treat
Scottish youngster’s brain a little affected BAIRN
Sign of sainthood? Henry has nothing HALO
Silver family of piglets, all shiny AGLITTER
Slash more antiquated energy store GASHOLDER
That man in drink gets discharge RHEUM
Two A-levels I’d failed? A fanciful story old wives tale
Unusual relatives with many skills VERSATILE