Wall Street Journal - Feb 11 2020 - Private Sector

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Clues Answers
“Deck the Halls” contraction TIS
“Just playing with you!” IKID
“Smooth Operator” singer SADE
“Sure!” YES
“This may not be an appropriate question...” DAREIASK
“You ___ Here” ARE
*Ad question since 1993 GOTMILK
*Expensive cut FILETMIGNON
*Just under the wire LASTMINUTE
*Machine with a revolving drum CEMENTMIXER
*Rite of passage for a Jewish girl BATMITZVAH
40-Across, in Acapulco OTRO
Advanced in rank PROMOTED
Bar brew BEER
Bar brews ALES
Be in a cast ACT
Bean used to make miso SOYA
Big name in potato products OREIDA
Bit of whiskey TOT
Boiling blood IRE
Business VIP CEO
Capitol Hill worker AIDE
Chair designer Charles EAMES
Compete VIE
Count start ONE
Crude group? OPEC
Cube and cone, e.g SOLIDS
Different OTHER
Fabled ocean creatures MERMEN
Facilitates EASES
German automaker OPEL
Granola bit OAT
He broke Ruth’s record in 1974 AARON
He lost the Millennium Falcon to Han LANDO
Heat in the microwave ZAP
High points ACMES
Impressive, slangily HECKUVA
Clues Answers
Iridescent gem OPAL
Labor leader? MOTHER
Lane’s Daily Planet co-worker KENT
Like some dorm rooms and divorces MESSY
Linguist Chomsky NOAM
Machu Picchu locale PERU
Made fast MOORED
Major-___ DOMO
Marking on Soviet rockets CCCP
Neighbor of Braz. and Arg URU
Not supporting ANTI
Old anesthetic ETHER
Overtake GOPAST
Party time, maybe EVE
Peculiar ODD
Phone reading EMAIL
Polite denial NOSIR
Pressure point? PEER
Response to oversharing found in this puzzle’s starred answers TMI
Rude way to chew gum NOISILY
Schwarzenegger, jokingly AHNOLD
Shakespearean sprite ARIEL
Shirkers for workers GOOFOFFS
Singer LaBelle PATTI
Smarted STUNG
Sound of impact BAM
Sporty Chevys VETTES
Stubborn equine ASS
Tolstoy heroine Anna KARENINA
Trendy oil ingredient derived from marijuana CBD
Trying to break a tie, informally INOT
Unfairly manipulated, as the system GAMED
Unit of illuminance LUX
Verse form used by Dante SESTINA
Victim of a 2006 demotion PLUTO
Was of use AVAILED
Was the lead singer of FRONTED
___ Alamos LOS