Jonesin' - Feb 11 2020

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Clues Answers
'King Kong' and 'Citizen Kane' studio RKO
'Nashville' director Robert ALTMAN
'Paw Patrol' watcher TOT
'So the theory goes ...' ITSSAID
'That's mildly funny,' online LOL
'The ___ Squad' MOD
'Top Chef' host Lakshmi PADMA
'Well, you're not looking ___ yourself ...' SOHOT
'___ y Ahora' (Univision newsmagazine) AQUI
'___, meeny, miney, mo' EENY
2001 Will Smith role (or a princely 2019 role opposite Will Smith) ALI
Air traffic org FAA
Amy's 'Parks and Recreation' role LESLIE
Ancient Greek market AGORA
Animal advocacy org SPCA
Anton ___ ('Ratatouille' restaurant critic) EGO
Aquiline bird EAGLE
Be off AIL
Bedding purchase LINEN
Big name in bags GUCCI
Blue ___ (butterfly species) MORPHO
Blue, in Barcelona AZUL
Broadway hit based on a Roald Dahl book MATILDA
Buenos Aires loc ARG
Chinese menu name TSO
Company that launched Falcon Heavy in 2018 SPACEX
Crossword puzzle, without the clues GRID
Cut off, as branches LOP
Den furniture SOFA
Detroit-born fashion designer ANNASUI
ESPN personality who retired in 2019 after being with the network since its inception in 1979 BOBLEY
Fighting a bug, perhaps ILL
Flying Disney character DUMBO
Forfeit voluntarily WAIVE
Game that generated more digital revenue in 2018 than any game in history, per the Hollywood Reporter FORTNITE
Gateway Arch site STLOUIS
Go through flour SIFT
Highly volatile fuel, for short LNG
Hockey Hall of Famer Cam NEELY
Clues Answers
Host who retired from 'Inside the Actors Studio' in 2018 JAMESLIPTON
Indefinite quantity ANY
Ingested ATE
It held up a banana in Maurizio Cattelan's 2019 artwork 'Comedian' DUCTTAPE
It may be pressing NEED
Jamaican stew ingredient OXTAIL
Jason Bateman Netflix drama OZARK
Knickknack perch SHELF
Landed ALIT
Like some soft coats FLEECY
Lip enhancer GLOSS
Little ___ (protagonist of Punch-Out!!) MAC
Lofty storage area ATTIC
Luau wear LEI
Make angry ENRAGE
Monopoly token replaced by a cat in 2013 IRON
Nevertheless YET
Oil of ___ OLAY
On the nose APT
Org. for Madelene Sagström and Park Hee-Young LPGA
Pale WAN
Parking units SPOTS
Part of some pirate costumes PEGLEG
Partner of Abe, Thomas, and George TEDDY
Pop singer and 'The Masked Singer' (U.K.) panelist Rita ORA
Pride participants? LIONS
Senior's focus MAJOR
Song that topped the Billboard Hot 100 for a record 19 weeks in 2019 OLDTOWNROAD
Spain's longest river EBRO
Sports execs, for short GMS
Thing in a ring STONE
Two-___ (buy one, get one deal) FER
Type of M&Ms renamed 'Milk Chocolate' PLAIN
What goes around? ORBIT
Word before eye or twin EVIL
Words repeated after 'Whatever' in a Doris Day song WILLBE
___ Schwarz (toy store that reopened in 2018) FAO
___ Shamrock McFlurry (McDonald's debut of 2020) OREO
___-di-dah LAH