The Washington Post - Feb 10 2020

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Clues Answers
'Hamilton' creator Lin-__ Miranda MANUEL
'I'm __ human' ONLY
'__ of Eden' EAST
Accumulates AMASSES
Act the fink SING
Baking appliance OVEN
Bit of insurance paperwork CLAIMFORM
Bone: Pref OSTEO
Boring routines RUTS
Cancel out OFFSET
Capek play about automatons RUR
Catch by trickery SNARE
Chaney of silents LON
Charge card charge LATEFEE
Charitable offerings ALMS
Depletes, with 'up' USES
Designer Giorgio ARMANI
Director Brian De __ PALMA
Domed hall ROTUNDA
DVR button REC
Earlier offense PRIOR
Eccentric sort KOOK
ER images XRAYS
First Nations tribe CREE
Fish in cat food TUNA
Fungus on an old loaf BREADMOLD
Grammy winner Corinne Bailey __ RAE
Greek played by Anthony Quinn ZORBA
Hydroplaned SLID
In name only TITULAR
James of 'Elf' CAAN
Latish wake-up hr TENAM
Letters shown in the 'Wheel of Fortune' bonus round RSTLNE
Like a generic brand NONAME
Like dishwater SUDSY
Make official ENACT
Mental flash IDEA
Negative votes NAYS
NFL analyst Collinsworth CRIS
Clues Answers
No longer in style OUTOFFASHION
Novelist Levin IRA
Owlet's home NEST
Paid for a hand ANTED
Paper quantity REAM
PC alternative MAC
PC panic key ESC
Pet peeves? FLEAS
Pod in Creole cuisine OKRA
Postgame rundowns RECAPS
Potter's material associated with the end of 17-, 27-, 49- and 64-Across CLAY
Prefix with formal or final SEMI
Preschool basics ABCS
Public tantrum SCENE
Ring-shaped reef ATOLL
Saks __ Avenue FIFTH
Seasoned sailors TARS
Seasons with crystals SALTS
Series-ending abbr ETC
Set as a price ASK
Sigma follower TAU
Slender wind OBOE
Soft palate part UVULA
Sports car that has two syllables in German PORSCHE
Tackle moguls SKI
Tall and skinny LANK
Tarzan player Ron ELY
Theme park that retired its IllumiNations show in 2019 EPCOT
Toll-paying convenience EZPASS
Umpire's call FOUL
Use, as energy EXPEND
Victor at Gettysburg MEADE
Watergate pres RMN
With everything in place NEAT
Work out regularly at the gym GETINTOSHAPE
Worrier's stomach woe ULCER
Writer Ferber EDNA
__ mater ALMA
__ ring: foot jewelry TOE