The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,275 - Feb 1 2020

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Clues Answers
America briefly unsettled European region CRIMEA
Avoidance of oddball so naive EVASION
Bigwigs initially need directors to supply teaching aid BLACKBOARD
Critical sort of mood IMPERATIVE
Crush bowl made of clay (not hard) DISHEARTEN
Doctor later calls for crystal dispenser SALTCELLAR
Free and occasionally funny party UNDO
Get rid of boils spreading in a hospital ABOLISH
High-rise accommodation for workers? ANTHILL
Inn merited changing when to eat DINNERTIME
Introduced by Stormont -- a nanny state MONTANA
It's adopted by heartless foe? ENMITY
Like coming round naked AKIN
Loathe best man regularly rejected by husband HATE
Ministers left in church run to face guy on vacation CLERGY
Clues Answers
Old king whose seat's in Edinburgh? ARTHUR
Ought RAF hero to play in street? THOROUGHFARE
Pretty fine work of art FETCHING
Returning with sailor, popped outside for something to eat BRATWURST
Scene about short musical work united people POPULACE
Staff employed for spells? WAND
Still the same as one entertaining 1960s teenager UNMODIFIED
Student deserving education LEARNING
Study onset of terrible depression DENT
Support pay for others FOOTREST
Tailor designs wrong item of clothing DRESSINGGOWN
That woman's protecting one next in line HEIR
Thumbs up to do this! HITCHHIKE
Times in shock broadcast DAYS
What sea may do to ship TOSS