Family Time - Feb 9 2020

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Clues Answers
"A Bug's Life" creature ANT
"It ___ come to my attention ..." HAS
"Mighty" tree OAK
"Oh, my aching back" sound MOAN
"Winning ___ everything" ISNT
1/6 of an ounce (Abbr.) TSP
Accidentally listen to OVERHEAR
Act as a lookout ABET
Advise strongly URGE
Airport feature (2 words) LANDINGSTRIP
Alien's get-about UFO
Anagram of "art" TAR
Anastasia's father was one CZAR
Bacon unit SLAB
Bankruptcy cause DEBT
Bear in a constellation URSA
Big name in construction blocks LEGO
Big name in jewelry KAY
Bit of baby talk GAGA
Book of the Bible EZRA
Bradstreet partner DUN
Button on a cellphone SEND
Colorado city ASPEN
Compels by coercion or threats DRAGOONS
Consultants, at heart? ULT
Describe in drawing LIMN
Discharge, as radiation EMIT
Fully qualified ABLE
Grp. with bugs and moles CIA
Hammer target NAIL
Hip bones ILIA
Clues Answers
Holiday tune NOEL
It hears what you say EAR
It's definitely not work PLAY
Jamaican fruit UGLI
Laborer of menial work PEON
Lightly defy waterproofing SEEP
Like a narrow mind (2 words) ONETRACK
Material for some rings PLATINUM
Metal eater ACID
Move on tiptoe SNEAK
Not drop HOLD
Notorious emperor NERO
Number for anyone AGE
One of two near the kidney (2 words) ADRENALGLAND
Open one's eyes SEE
Pastor alternative, cut REV
Pilots' successful nightmares? (2 words) CRASHLANDINGS
Pleasant to be around NICE
Propellers on lakes OARS
Provide, as peanuts to elephants FEED
Put two bucks on a horse BET
Reads a bar code SCANS
Solo for one using opera glasses ARIA
Stable food crumb? OAT
Swallows one's liver? EATS
Thing under a blouse BRA
Thirty minutes on Broadway? ACT
This puzzle's theme word LAND
Tide variety NEAP
Up to the point that UNTIL
Word with "aboard" ALL