Universal - Feb 9 2020

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Clues Answers
"Beat it!" SCAT
"Holy smokes!" MAN
"I bet I'll know it!" TRYME
"Pygmalion" playwright SHAW
"That's not good!" UHOH
"Trial of the Century" judge Lance ITO
"Well, obviously!" DUH
"___ 'em!" SIC
*From 1/1 to 12/31 (see letters 5 to 8) ALLYEARLONG
*Israel's only female prime minister (4 to 7) GOLDAMEIR
*Procedure for a burn victim (2 to 5) SKINGRAFT
*Tough request from a customer (4 to 7) TALLORDER
Also-rans LOSERS
Bahrain's peninsula ARABIA
Berkeley school, for short CAL
Bio page heading ABOUTME
Black mark STIGMA
Bottom-of-letter letters PPS
Bruins great Bobby ORR
Bumped into MET
Bureaucratic snarl REDTAPE
Calm and serene PLACID
Century 21 competitor REMAX
Certain young father TEENDAD
Champion, or what each starred answer is? TITLEHOLDER
Change, as a manuscript REVISE
Comic-Con activity COSPLAY
Counting carbs, say ONADIET
Creative paper work? ORIGAMI
Currency in Latvia EURO
Designer Mode of "The Incredibles" EDNA
Fast-paced Winter Olympics event LUGE
Feel out of sorts AIL
Feline zodiac sign LEO
Fish ladder locale DAM
Food court locations MALLS
Fort ___, New Jersey DIX
Hurricane center EYE
Clues Answers
Ivory tower bigwig DEAN
Jump shot path ARC
Kit ___ (candy bars) KATS
Kitchen hot spot RANGE
Land rover NOMAD
Limited in scope NARROW
Looks at impolitely OGLES
Many Century 21 employees AGENTS
March 17 VIP STPAT
Met Gala guests ALIST
Model plane material BALSA
More shabby DINGIER
Nebraska native PAWNEE
Nickname hidden in "Eva Longoria" VAL
Officers-to-be CADETS
Org. for internists AMA
Pitcher's stat ERA
Rubbish TRASH
Santa ___ winds ANA
Sci-fi characters ETS
Sean of "Stranger Things" ASTIN
Sheepskin boot brand UGG
Showed utter disdain for SPATON
Smears sloppily DAUBS
Some TVs and smartphones LGS
Sometimes-graphic top TEE
Sportscaster Bob COSTAS
Starting on ASOF
Stick around LINGER
Stroll leisurely SAUNTER
Takes care of SEESTO
Tandoor-baked bread NAAN
Texas Rangers' div ALWEST
Tiny brook RILL
Toaster waffle brand EGGO
TSA checkpoint requests IDS
Two of a kind PAIR
Wyatt who worked in Dodge City EARP