The Washington Post Sunday - Feb 9 2020

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Clues Answers
'In ___ Touch' (Celine Dion song) HIS
'Leave it to me' ICAN
'O ___ mia' (aria from 83 Across) PATRIA
'Queer as Folk' actress Gill THEA
'Rugrats' baby with a pickle-like name DIL
'Sure is' YEP
'Who's there?' reply ITSME
'You ___ it!' SAID
1970 Kinks classic LOLA
A kit is a small one FOX
Actress de Matteo DREA
Agency's creations ADS
Ain't in formal writing? ISNT
Animated monkey ABU
Ask for mercy, say BEG
At this time FORTHENONCE
Athletics supporter, e.g FAN
Attitude SASS
Attitude LIP
Bit of sorcery HEX
Bleed RUN
Brief moment? SEC
British race units METRES
Buck, in slang SIMOLEON
Cathedral sections APSES
Characteristic ASPECT
Chicken-king link ALA
Clear (of) RID
Collide with head-on RAM
Commemorates MARKS
Cookout choice RIBS
Country legend Atkins CHET
Cub reporter's employer? ESPN
Cuban steps RUMBA
Curved blades SABERS
Delta deposit SILT
Detect SPOT
Digest, as knowledge ABSORB
Dislike greatly LOATHE
Dissent from orthodoxy HERESY
Drake University locale DESMOINES
Emerald, e.g BERYL
Enumerates LISTSOFF
Figurative reminders of past ordeals BATTLESCARS
Floor-cleaning tool SCRUBBRUSH
Flop's antithesis BOXOFFICESMASH
Gal ___ PAL
Gender-neutral pronoun THEY
General on a menu TSO
Gets more Time? RENEWS
GM's emergency services system ONSTAR
Go astray ERR
González in 2000 headlines ELIAN
Green on screen SETH
Gross, as wages PRETAX
Group known for their pop sound? CORKS
Groups of zebras HERDS
Grown ears CORN
Hang out for a while LOITER
Harbor site on Taiwan's east coast PORTOFHUALIEN
In a damp way SOGGILY
Is mindful of HEEDS
James Baldwin piece ESSAY
King's order DECREE
Lean against ABUT
Less restricted FREER
Letter choices in Word FONTS
Letter opposite Zulu ALFA
Like some apples BAD
Links with TIESINTO
Lose momentarily MISLAY
Luanda denizen ANGOLAN
Majors individual PRO
Mare's meal HAY
Math subgroup COSET
Melodramatic sorts HAMS
Metal-detecting grp TSA
Clues Answers
Midsize SUV named after a Colorado city DODGEDURANGO
Modifies ADAPTS
Morally difficult choice ETHICALDILEMMA
Mountain resource ORE
Mountain ___ (sodas) DEWS
Musical auntie MAME
Musician in Sherwood Forest ALLANADALE
Needled relentlessly RODE
Netflix shipment DVD
Not right at all DEADWRONG
Notes signifying debt IOUS
Oktoberfest air POLKA
Osaka born in Osaka NAOMI
Outback beast EMU
Pained utterance GROAN
Pained utterance MOAN
Part of 13 Across DISC
Pastoral RUSTIC
Pay/day preceder SICK
Peridot's plane FACET
Pickle brand VLASIC
Pitchfork part TINE
Player's pawns, e.g OCTET
Plot trajectories ARCS
Proposition in a deal OFFER
Prosecutorial figs DAS
Pugilist Patterson FLOYD
Pushing the envelope EDGY
Put out a point OPINE
Raises LIFTS
Raises, as the ante UPS
Regal sphere ORB
Relating to deliveries NATAL
Religion developed in 19th-century Iran BAHAI
Restrained RETICENT
Revolutionary body PLANET
Ridiculous production FARCE
School grp PTA
Sci-fi characters who sense emotions EMPATHS
Scrambled things, maybe EGGS
Short-term hire, briefly TEMP
Singer on the Velvet Underground's debut album NICO
Sitter's charges, maybe TOTS
Social cupful TEA
Son of Archie Manning ELI
Sorrowful SAD
Specialty in demand, briefly? ECON
Sticky substance GLUE
Strike a chord, in a way STRUM
Superhero team LEAGUE
Supplies with facts INFORMS
Sweet 16 org NCAA
Swirl in a bathtub EDDY
Teeny traces IOTAS
Temple topper, at times DOME
Ten gurus follower SIKH
Test setting LAB
Tract left after a body of water evaporates SALTFLAT
Truman's secretary of state Dean ACHESON
Tweetstorms, e.g TIRADES
Type of cereal SHREDDEDWHEAT
Uber collection FARE
Undefeated boxer Laila ALI
Unit of browser customization ADDON
USO showgoers GIS
Uzbek's neighbor TAJIK
What a trailer may build HYPE
Work set in Egypt AIDA
Wriggly creature EEL
Yoko on records ONO
Zero-consonant liquid EAU
___ Belle Samuels Thoms, pioneering nurse and civil rights activist ADAH
___ Capital (investment firm) BAIN
___ de vivre JOIE
___ secrets TRADE
___ wonder ONEHIT