- Feb 9 2020

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Clues Answers
''. . . from so simple a beginning, endless forms . . . are being evolved'' ONTHEORIGINOFSPECIES
''. . . in that enchanted place . . . a little boy and his Bear will always be playing'' THEHOUSEATPOOHCORNER
''A way a lone a last a loved a long the'' FINNEGANSWAKE
''But this is how Paris was in the early days . . .'' AMOVEABLEFEAST
''By all means!'' YES
''Casual'' day, briefly FRI
''Fifty Shades . . .'' series spouse STEELE
''Inter __'' (among other things) ALIA
''The Caine Mutiny'' author WOUK
''Well . . . what would YOU do if your mother asked you?'' THECATINTHEHAT
''__ my pleasure!'' ITS
'06 High Court appointee ALITO
15-year CBS series CSI
A Corleone portrayer PACINO
A simple sugar DEXTROSE
A social sci ECON
Aaron of ''The West Wing'' SORKIN
About 900 kilograms ONETON
Aerial attack SORTIE
After a fashion OFSORTS
Against the clock TIMED
Amos or Spelling TORI
Anglican bishop's topper MITRE
Anthony Hopkins, by birth WELSH
Any birthstone GEM
App symbol for settings GEAR
Arctic predators SNOWOWLS
Banquet setups DAISES
Be visibly elated GLOW
Became WAS
Bewitch HEX
Big Sky Country MONTANA
Black-and-orange birds ORIOLES
Boot out EVICT
Bound to receive INFOR
Capital on the Hudson ALBANY
Certain Canadian INUIT
Chill in the air NIP
Church directive PRAY
Churchillian symbols VSIGNS
City near Düsseldorf ESSEN
Clue list header ACROSS
Cofounder of ''Ms.'' STEINEM
Common pharmacy order REFILL
Congresswoman Waters MAXINE
Country singer Travis TRITT
Court reporters STENOS
Creative person ARTIST
Cry of success IGOTIT
Designer Cassini OLEG
Doc for a duck VET
Don't feed FAMISH
Earmarks for failure DOOMS
Eats or drinks HAS
Emulating a phoenix REBORN
Ending for type or trend SETTER
Ending like -like INE
Explosive initials TNT
Extraordinary RARE
Facial feature EAR
Feel pangs ACHE
First of three X's TIC
French wine region MEDOC
Frontier merchants TRADERS
Get some air INHALE
Gets to volunteer ENLISTS
Grazing ground LEA
Have a brawl GOATIT
Headey of ''Game of Thrones'' LENA
Clues Answers
Henri's ''here'' ICI
High-voltage weapon TASER
Holy Saudi city MEDINA
Homer's holler DOH
Howl of laughter ROAR
Immaculate SPOTLESS
In a deadlock TIED
Instruction to retain STET
Instrument of India SITAR
Italian porridge POLENTA
Japanese faith SHINTO
Jazz instrument BASSSAX
Judah Ben-__ HUR
Lamentable SAD
Least creative STALEST
London's Broadway WESTEND
Malarkey TRIPE
Manning of football ELI
Mature germ cell GAMETE
Mid 10th-century year CML
Minnesota mega-shopping site MALLOFAMERICA
Mr. Tolstoy LEO
Nine-symbol message SOS
Norm: Abbr STD
Not dismissive of OPENTO
Not very hot TEPID
Not __ (mediocre) SOBAD
Online business DOTCOM
Parliamentary contingent TORIES
Particularly important CENTRAL
PBS acknowledgment DONOR
Perches for parrots ROOSTS
Personal pronoun HERS
Petty quibble NIT
Philosophy, in brief CREDO
Picnic fare WIENER
Postproduction person EDITOR
Power structure of a sort DAM
Quaint complaint EGAD
Question of confirmation DIDNTI
Quests after SEEKS
Rachel Carson subject SEA
Regatta participant SLOOP
Ruckus TODO
Save, so to speak SOCKAWAY
Sean Lennon's mom ONO
Sigma preceder RHO
Ski downhill fast SCHUSS
Sound of a toy train TOOT
Sounds of gongs CLANGS
Stats in baseball and basketball STEALS
Stay attached ADHERE
Superior of a 14 Down ENS
Talk trash to DIS
Tax-shelter vehicle IRA
Thought to be DEEMED
To the __ degree NTH
Topper LID
Toward the rudder AFT
Type of skillet WOK
UK reference set OED
Vampire guise BAT
Vending machine verb INSERT
Video device, for short CAM
Year-end season NOEL
Yin-and-yang belief TAOISM
Yonder thing THAT