The Sun - Two Speed - Feb 9 2020

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Clues Answers
Absolutely essential to eyesight YES
Affirmative YES
Aggressive chairman round church MACHO
Ape-lord upset African cat LEOPARD
Arsonist's compulsion PYROMANIA
Artist in modern studio ERNST
Assertively masculine MACHO
Attorney to call for defiance DARING
Beating path, able characters ALPHABET
Bellyache COMPLAIN
Boldly audacious DARING
Brother of Cain and Abel SETH
Daily grind (informal) rat race
Employ some curious effect USE
English inclined to throttle pub trumpeter ELEPHANT
Faithful LOYAL
Great fear DREAD
Grind up salt with a kitchen utensil SPATULA
Grouse or lion with camp cooking COMPLAIN
Historical era EPOCH
Idiom or vernacular DIALECT
Ingenious CLEVER
Local talk garbled in citadel DIALECT
Max ---, surrealist ERNST
Mixing implement SPATULA
Musical ensemble ORCHESTRA
Musicians in other cars travelling ORCHESTRA
Clues Answers
Nurture FOSTER
Obsession that keeps one going to matches? PYROMANIA
Ocular affliction STYE
Pachyderm ELEPHANT
Play without words MIME
Raise forest magically FOSTER
Region in France LORRAINE
Relative close to collapse in French city NIECE
Romeo's gone outside in terror DREAD
Saint with the old eye problem STYE
Settle score COMPOSE
Sibling's daughter NIECE
Silent entertainer from Miami mentioned MIME
Slow-witted but silent DUMB
Small room CLOSET
Someone's skin fool keeps in cupboard CLOSET
Spotted feline LEOPARD
Struggle to survive in desert heat? rat race
Third son went down hard SETH
True ally worried about love LOYAL
Turned up to manage hospital for period EPOCH
Unable to speak DUMB
Utilise USE
Watch old boy dish up OBSERVE
Wisdom about bad weather makes French cross? LORRAINE
Witty Conservative at bar CLEVER
Write music COMPOSE