Irish Times (Crosaire) - Feb 8 2020

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Clues Answers
Avoiding most of the salsa for instance in vegan dish EVADING
Bank's social entrepreneur is bitter SOUR
Doesn't give up going around ward saving for their teams KEEPERS
Fit to start something on all sides today WELLS
Get ready to take flight with what's bound to concern revenue from island TAXI
Have a look around for some of the ingredients served up in cheesecake SEE
Her work is bound to be read by the bookmaker AUTHOR
Horse found in Paddington by poor person BEGGAR
How you might describe mummy? Looking good for her age! WELLPRESERVED
It's testament to the extremes of Winston Spencer-Churchill WILL
Jam with loud music in a bad way FILL
Kind of guidance at French university HELPFUL
Learnt off earnestly? Of course! YES
Look in on borders of Californian Bluebell CALL
Mouthy types speaking of evil on both sides backtracking LIPS
Movement on edict restricting British editors from publishing story in the national interest DNOTICE
Neighbours in the air on the first transport overseas RAFT
No chance of falling down in waterhole with drunk dupes consuming wine WELLSUPPORTED
Not the first weekend stuck in beer joint ANKLE
Clues Answers
Part of the circle raised in theocracy ARC
Pick over point to Bible-bashing NIBBLE
Port in a storm for Oriental leaving China for Taiwan, for example REFUGEE
Practical place to find last role model EXAMPLE
Put down from American city papers LAID
Shows pictures of mine engineer in California CINEMA
Source from 19 across briefly is in contact with journalist and that's all in order WELLORGANISED
Stable in Gulf leading at the end of the day EVENING
Sue any criminal that's worried UNEASY
Swallow and insect flying around live action BELIEVE
Taped leaving Budapest going from terminus to terminus BUS
Team includes novice with school playground types SLIDES
Test probe? EXAMINE
They're holding the Coppers' and Super's suspect? PURSES
Things you hear in church produced by the newspapers ORGANS
Unable to move having friends in high places WELLCONNECTED
Waste of a grill for Shea's bash ASHES
What those in 19 across are capable of to score MUSIC
What you might get for breakfast in London, in a manner of speaking ENGLISH