Universal - Feb 7 2020

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Clues Answers
"As if!" NOT
"At Seventeen" singer Janis IAN
"Garfield" dog ODIE
"I'm at my ___ end!" WITS
"Me! Me!" IDOIDO
"On the Origin of Species" author DARWIN
"On the rocks" rocks ICE
"Uh-huh" YUP
"Working Girl" girl TESS
(Not my error) SIC
A chip, maybe ANTE
Abbr. before a number TEL
Absorbed, as a cost ATE
Actress Flockhart CALISTA
Almondlike color ECRU
Answer you're not confident about GUESS
Authentic REAL
Author Rice ANNE
Bicker ARGUE
Blow off steam? HISS
Blunted blade EPEE
Braxton who sang "Un-Break My Heart" TONI
Brother's daughters NIECES
Chops into cubes DICES
Citrus drink suffix ADE
Criticize harshly PAN
Dad's product ROOTBEER
Deaden NUMB
Decide OPT
Digital dog, e.g VIRTUALPET
Director Howard RON
Disorderly crowds MOBS
Every other hurricane SHE
Expert GURU
Fails to be ISNT
Fedora, for one HAT
Clues Answers
Floral painting by Van Gogh IRISES
French guy who's a pool shark? MONSIEURCUE
Furnace feeder STOKER
Game with +2 cards UNO
German guy who fixes things up? HERRRESTORATION
Highly skilled ADEPT
Ill-mannered sorts BOORS
Island near Dominican Republic PUERTORICO
King, to Brigitte Macron ROI
Like the math problem 1 + 1 BASIC
Lip application GLOSS
Move with stealth TIPTOE
Next in line for a throne HEIR
Old-fashioned message TELEGRAM
One for the road? AUTO
Ones with "superior" taste SNOBS
Opposite of endo- ECTO
Part of TGIF, briefly FRI
People want to receive bills from them ATMS
Personal check? CAPTCHA
Playwright-turned-president Vaclav HAVEL
Pressing URGENT
Printer's blue hue CYAN
River worker ... or, if "C" is added, trade worker RAFTSMAN
Santa's favorite snacks? HOHOS
Silent signals NODS
Skull cavity SINUS
Small couch SETTEE
Smart ___ (know-it-alls) ALECKS
Some Mad magazine pieces SATIRES
Spanish guy who plays a certain basketball position? SENORCENTER
Sterile workplaces, briefly ORS
View from Edinburgh NORTHSEA
What minimalists have a minimal amount of STUFF
Word after "living" or "dead" END
Work of ___ ART
You may bounce one off of someone IDEA
___ facto IPSO