The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,380 - Feb 6 2020

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Clues Answers
A study adopted by group urges breakfast? BACONANDEGGS
Absorbed by a film about Germany AMIDST
American liberty? Not American high point ALTITUDE
Are British, say, rearing plant with showy flowers? GERBERA
Bank response ignoring pence RELY
Chance to meet clever guy going to hospital after military command FALLINWITH
Crack to extend, doing for flower SNAPDRAGON
Drunk fairly good after swallowing quantity of drink? TIDDLY
Inclination Conservative has to avoid restraint RAMP
Island between river and a lake: closed area of Venice RIALTO
Italy tackles rebuilding conurbation SALTLAKECITY
Late upset for the USA involving Republican AFTERHOURS
Maiden with a sexy persona picked up song -- it's the drink TIAMARIA
Money heading off major loss shown in production of figures on paper BRASSRUBBING
Clues Answers
Nearly all nuts and fruit BANANA
Not quite every item about it will identify singer BARITONE
Origin of Commonwealth: memory expertly provided by this Commonwealth leader CROMWELL
Phrase not initially a pained expression? OUCH
Reason to monopolise light in film GROUNDHOGDAY
Rising profits, ignoring current problem SNAG
Start one new plan, swindle having failed INCEPTION
Starts to run off couple of chapters bound in product of cow (leather) MOROCCO
Support ditching leader in speech TALK
Suppress encouragement to speed -- it isn't necessary STEPON
Unsympathetic about each male expecting the unattainable? DREAMY
Vulgar type secures the bar, having offloaded one religious building CATHEDRAL
What induces international to come in to face the bowling? BAIT
Working for another redefinition of ritual, getting lot of criticism ALTRUISTIC