- Feb 6 2020

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Clues Answers
''Casablanca'' woman ILSA
A disappointment SAD
A long way off FAR
Actress Vardalos NIA
Ally of Achilles AJAX
Amtrak unit CAR
Ardent lover ROMEO
Blues/rock superstar singer BONNIERAITT
Buck or bull MALE
Canadian superstar singer ANNEMURRAY
Cancels out UNDOES
Cannon's kick RECOIL
Checkout counter correction RESCAN
Chemical in oven cleaners LYE
Chocolate substitute CAROB
City near Dallas PLANO
Clear, as a board ERASE
Common garden soil SANDYLOAM
Community rec ctrs YMCAS
Consults with SEES
Cosmetics brand that sounds encouraging OLAY
Cosmetics ingredient DYE
Courageous figure HERO
Court sport TENNIS
Cub Scout groups DENS
Depict unfairly SKEW
Desk slider DRAWER
Diner or deli EATERY
Dismissive attitude SCORN
Electrolux alternative ORECK
Emotionally charged FIERY
Epoxy ingredient RESIN
Family nickname MAMA
Fashionable CHIC
Fit for food EDIBLE
Food box stat NETWT
Gaping mouths MAWS
Garlic cousin ONION
Clues Answers
How some bills arrive BYMAIL
Iconic buccaneer KIDD
It's west of Afghanistan IRAN
Macaroni salad ingredient MAYO
Madonna musical role EVITA
Making a racket NOISY
Maximally modest COYEST
Mess maker SLOB
Metaphor for a mess STY
Minimally multiple DUAL
Most-awarded country music artist LORETTALYNN
Musical opener ACTI
Not fully shut AJAR
One contact LENS
Other than that ELSE
Pub staples ALES
Record stat usually mentioned first WINS
Rescue squad procedure CPR
Residential overhang EAVE
Rock-and-roll pioneer BUDDYHOLLY
Sicilian spouter ETNA
Sleek, in auto-speak AERO
Small bill ONE
Snickering sound TEEHEE
Solemn commitment IDO
Spot for a tot KNEE
Starter like contra- ANTI
Town near Windsor ETON
Undercover asset SPY
Underwritten SPONSORED
Vividly bright NEON
Vocalist from Donegal ENYA
Wagering consideration ODDS
What ''pearls'' precede in Matthew SWINE
What to call a countess LADY
Wood-shaping tool RASP
__ Bowl (New Haven stadium) YALE
__ excellence PAR
__ qua non SINE