New York Times - Feb 6 2020

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Clues Answers
'Head for the hills!' RUN
'Here's an ___ ...' IDEA
'I strongly advise against that' DONT
'I suppose that's kinda funny' HEH
'In Old Mexico' or 'In Old Santa Fe' OATER
'Point taken,' '60s-style IDIG
'Travel' for a bigheaded person EGOTRIP
'What a stomach-churning thought!' UGH
Airline of 61-Across ELAL
An indispensable ingredient in the elixir of life, per Lao-tzu TEA
Animation stack CELS
Apothecary's unit DRAM
Aviary sound COO
Be attributable (to) OWE
Boxing champs of the 1960s-'70s? ALIETALII
Breeds of hunting dogs? SETTERSETCETERA
Bygone monarch TSAR
Country where the cellphone was developed: Abbr ISR
Cows' various glands? UDDERSANDOTHERS
Cruise ship amenity SPA
Cry upon opening a hospital bill, maybe EEK
Davidson of 'S.N.L.' PETE
Depart from a straight line VEER
Do a home ec assignment SEW
Domination, in slang OWNAGE
Down-to-earth fig ETA
E.N.T. case APNEA
Employer of Detective Lindsay Boxer in a series of James Patterson novels SFPD
Expand WIDEN
First cellular co. to offer service nationwide GTE
Fool's gold? FAKETAN
Fork foursome TINES
Fragrance since 1932 TABU
Govt. lawyers DAS
Heaven on earth EDEN
Heavens on earth XANADUS
It's trained in music school EAR
Clues Answers
John Wayne Birthplace Museum locale IOWA
Letter-shaped construction piece TBEAM
Like many antebellum mansions VERANDAED
Like pipes, again and again RELIT
More self-satisfied PROUDER
Not legally immune SUABLE
Ocean State sch URI
Paris network RUES
Parrot's cry AWK
Part of a schedule SLOT
Part of a weightlifter's routine CURL
Partition SLICEUP
Port SSE of the Suez Canal ADEN
Portmanteau fruit TANGELO
Preferred variety of stock CLASSA
Prefix with caution or condition PRE
Prefix with lateral or lingual TRI
Reactions to social media posts? LIKESANDTHELIKE
Santa ___, Calif CLARA
Second-grade offering? RETEST
Sequence of 0's and 1's BITSTREAM
Stand taken by a speaker? DAIS
Takeout option CHINESE
Target for holistic healing AURA
Techie or Trekkie GEEK
Things that scouts earn badges for? KNOTSANDWHATNOT
Throw into confusion ADDLE
Title partner of Hobbs in a hit 2019 film SHAW
Tony Blair, for the U.K EXPM
Unit of an estate ACRE
Very, abroad TRES
Where a batter eventually goes to the plate? IHOP
Where a yellow ribbon is tied in a 1973 #1 hit OAKTREE
Whom Italians call 'il Sommo Poeta' DANTE
Wizard ACE