Universal - Feb 5 2020

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Clues Answers
"Dang, dude!" AWMAN
"Julie & Julia" director Ephron NORA
"My stars!" EGAD
"Once ___ a midnight dreary ..." UPON
"Queen Sugar" creator DuVernay AVA
"That so?" ISIT
'80s Best Picture winner set in China THELASTEMPEROR
Apt name for a ball newcomer DEB
Barista's offering LATTE
Basketball infraction FOUL
Big name in synthesizers MOOG
Blow a gasket ERUPT
Brain section LOBE
Color chart choices HUES
Company whose business is picking up? WASTEMANAGEMENT
Conference groups PANELS
Corn purchases EARS
Coup d'___ ETAT
Didn't just have a hunch KNEW
Dogs rest in them BUNS
Each "Jurassic Park" dinosaur CLONE
Educational acronym hidden in 17-, 25-, 42- and 56-Across STEM
Enterprise alternative AVIS
Fertile soil LOAM
Fortress referenced in a hit by The Clash CASBAH
Gamma's predecessor BETA
Grace of "Will & Grace" ADLER
Greek salad cheese FETA
Hearth residue ASH
Hill dwellers ANTS
In vogue CHIC
Inhabitants of The Emerald Isle IRISH
Jazz legend Fitzgerald ELLA
Jealous Greek goddess HERA
Lack of difficulty EASE
Leaves speechless AWES
Like a blue moon RARE
Clues Answers
Many history degs BAS
Medieval holy site protectors KNIGHTSTEMPLAR
Military squad UNIT
Moral standard ETHIC
New Mexican art center TAOS
New York county by a Great Lake ERIE
Nine-member ensemble NONET
Nostalgically trendy RETRO
November Alpha Tango Oscar NATO
Paleo or Atkins DIET
Places for Fitbits WRISTS
Pop star Grande ARIANA
Purr-fect role for Halle Berry? CATWOMAN
Rage IRE
Remove from power OUST
Rob's wife on "The Dick Van Dyke Show" LAURA
Sagacious WISE
Selma resident ALABAMAN
Sends to the moon ELATES
Skywalker portrayer Mark HAMILL
Snack bag sealer CLIP
Sooner State city ENID
Spiritual energy field AURA
Sudden silence HUSH
Tennis divisions SETS
Texas border city ELPASO
Throaty attention-getter AHEM
Treasury Dept. bureau IRS
Twitch SPASM
Type of sax ALTO
Waze screen display MAP
Welker or Anderson WES
Where the Palme d'Or is awarded CANNES
Wild pig BOAR
Word disguised in "rough idea" HIDE
www access companies ISPS
Yellow River's continent ASIA
___ fate (do something risky) TEMPT