The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,378 - Feb 4 2020

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Clues Answers
Alpha male held in very serious respect ADMIRE
Butchers in group combined talents SKILLSET
Champion lacking in height succeeded in love EROS
Character is gem but no saint TONE
City where devil misses English in school EDMONTON
Clean house again HOOVER
Coming in starkers, good way to get attention? NUDGE
Complete rascal not breaking law IMPLICIT
Consumer needs analysis, having abused car makers there MARKETRESEARCH
Donnybrook, apparently relaxed, situated in middle? MEDIAL
Eastern Europeans holding power in sports event? EPEE
FM broadcast with time for transitory things EPHEMERA
Get small branch TWIG
Have riches perhaps in American vault ABOUND
Clues Answers
Headbanging music on Radio Heart METTLE
Inappropriate manoeuvring drawn out UNTOWARD
Like Concorde thus carrying posh individual SUPERSONIC
Lowest point for some in a dirigible NADIR
Our leading lady as herself -- in rubber? ERASER
Parliament's not wanting Liberal to make stand DAIS
Reporter's son grew angry with men NEWSMONGER
Sea bass DEEP
Stupid amount needed for Chinese dish DIMSUM
Troubles among ladies and gents? INCONVENIENCES
Wake up in French quarter -- outside as it happens ENLIVEN
Wanting starter, monster given meat in London district EASTHAM
Wizard dispenses with fifty old sheep MERINO
Would Stranglers perform hits with such an instrument? GARROTTE