The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,276 - Feb 3 2020

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Clues Answers
Abu Dhabi, for example, angry after Middle East uprising EMIRATE
Area in good order round university's central hall ATRIUM
Article appears after group rehearsed play SETPIECE
Belittle act, blue DODOWN
Biscuits and nuts off one's trolley CRACKERS
Detailed decorative design around large dish PLATTER
Diarist cross with Juliet wearing shades BRIDGETJONES
Diplomat dancing samba, pathetic otherwise AMBASSADOR
Getting married in spring, so tighten one's belt SKIMP
Inn artist condemned on the way INTRANSIT
Loss of red mitten processed DETRIMENT
Love some, but not all, abstract paintings OPART
Method of teaching singing, complicated solo in fact TONICSOLFA
Model soldier, like leader of mission PARADIGM
Clues Answers
Moving proposal MOTION
Noel G's jam surprisingly includes R&B song MRBOJANGLES
Nonsense written about Laurel originally having three parts TRIPLE
Ordinary French wine I imported, rouge lacking body MEDIOCRE
Poison scare broadcast across Northern Ireland ARSENIC
Progressive kind joining Royal Navy MODERN
Property in European country ESTATE
Railway buff that's wizard on coaches TRAINSPOTTER
Run second leg SPIN
See literary review? NOTICE
Sketch of Saint Christopher SKIT
Small private room near end of unit CLOSET
Traitor's initial motive for his crime? TREASON