Jonesin' - Feb 4 2020

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Clues Answers
'16 and '17, e.g YRS
'Be with you in just ___!' ASEC
'Defending Liberty, Pursuing Justice' org ABA
'Don't mind ___ do!' IFI
'From ___ Zinc' (multivitamin slogan) ATO
'Honeysuckle Rose' singer Anita ODAY
'I conquered,' to Caesar VICI
'Major' or 'Minor' constellation URSA
'The Andy Griffith Show' kid OPIE
'___ Fables' AESOPS
'___ myself today ...' (NIN/Johnny Cash lyric) IHURT
'___ shocked as you are' IMAS
+, on a battery POS
2016 event featuring a shirtless Tongan, green pool water, and Ryan Lochte shenanigans RIOOLYMPICS
Actor Kinnear GREG
Admin's domain, for short SYS
Affirm as true ASSERT
Album opener INTRO
Ancient Briton CELT
Ancient Britons PICTS
Antarctic mountain ___ Massif VINSON
Apples and pears, e.g POMES
Being employed INUSE
Biblical king SOLOMON
Broadband forerunner DIALUP
Brute in a storybook OGRE
Celebrated EMINENT
Cell dweller INMATE
Chain to buy some stacks IHOP
Check out OBSERVE
Clean vigorously SCOUR
Coded message CIPHER
Compensation in a lawsuit DAMAGES
D.C. nine, for short SCOTUS
Docs that use endoscopes ENTS
Exclamation from Poirot MONDIEU
Feels sorrow about RUES
Flavor enhancer initials MSG
Clues Answers
Forming a chord, say INHARMONY
Garr of 'Young Frankenstein' TERI
Gets after RIPSON
Good thing to pass MUSTER
Hall of Famer Willie MAYS
Hit 2017 indie video game in the style of 1930s animation CUPHEAD
Hit the buffet EAT
Homer's exclamation DOH
Indiana's second-largest city FORTWAYNE
It may be drafted for impeachment ARTICLE
Jones who ran from a big boulder INDIANA
Journalist Mary Louise Kelly's employer NPR
Kick-ass AWESOME
Lake that borders Ohio ERIE
Least narrow WIDEST
Linguistics suffix ESE
Margaret Atwood's 2016 retelling of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' HAGSEED
Media device manufactured for the last time by Funai Electric in 2016 VCR
MIT's middle, in brief INST
Montenegrin, e.g SLAV
Network that aired a 'Candy Crush' game show in 2017 CBS
Passover feast SEDER
Place for growth? WOMB
Prefix for dermis EPI
Ronan of 'Little Women' SAOIRSE
Sault ___ Marie, Canada STE
Sees if one can TRIESTO
Shakespearean laments AYS
Sharp ___ tack ASA
Signature of Pooh's tree-dwelling friend WOL
Slide into your ___ DMS
Sound setups STEREOS
The 'E' in 'EGBDF' EVERY
They may be dire STRAITS
TV host who misannounced the winner of Miss Universe in 2017 STEVEHARVEY
Two, to Juan DOS
Yale students ELIS
___ out (back down from a daunting task) WIMP