- Feb 3 2020

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Clues Answers
''It was someone else'' NOTI
''No news is __ news'' GOOD
''What's __ for me?'' INIT
''__ makes waste'' HASTE
5/6 of a dozen TEN
Actual REAL
Amazon's digital assistant ALEXA
Ambassador's sealed mailbag DIPLOMATICPOUCH
Big smile GRIN
Border of a table EDGE
Brownish eye color HAZEL
Campus club, for short FRAT
Citrus rind PEEL
Cleveland's state OHIO
Company officer, for short EXEC
Convertible or coupe AUTO
Courtroom event TRIAL
Currently in the lead AHEAD
Decide to leave out OMIT
Emotionally cool ALOOF
Fly high SOAR
Football official, for short REF
Frequently OFTEN
Garden statues with beards GNOMES
German car AUDI
Get the __ of (become accustomed to) HANG
Got taller GREW
Grasp firmly GRIP
Household task to do CHORE
Implement for rowing OAR
In the __ (long ago) PAST
Is a dealer in SELLS
Mail routing abbr ATTN
Make an escape FLEE
Maple or fir TREE
Mrs. George W. Bush LAURA
Much-admired celebrity IDOL
Nabisco's round cracker RITZ
Clues Answers
Native of Italy's capital ROMAN
Notion IDEA
One more time AGAIN
Opinion piece ESSAY
Parcels (out) DOLES
Pittsburgh's state, for short PENN
Playful river mammal OTTER
Prohibited thing NONO
Puerto Rico or Maui ISLE
Queen's headgear CROWN
Repaired, as torn paper TAPED
Ruby or emerald JEWEL
Seat in a cubicle CHAIR
Shine softly GLOW
Short footrace DASH
Skin openings PORES
Sleep clothes, for short PJS
Slot in a parking lot SPACE
Soccer game score GOAL
Sports-shoe spikes CLEATS
Staff assistant AIDE
Sums of numbers TOTALS
Sunbeam RAY
Swimming-meet stroke AUSTRALIANCRAWL
Teheran's country IRAN
Tollbooth locale PLAZA
Took care of a bill PAID
Touched on the shoulder TAPPED
Traveling hobo-style HOPPINGAFREIGHT
Turnpike charge TOLL
Vine-swinging ape-man of fiction TARZAN
Walked heavily (on) TROD
What's placed in a mitten HAND
Where Lima is capital PERU
Women on their wedding day BRIDES
Your sister's daughter NIECE
__ Lanka (Asian nation) SRI
__ out (reprimand) BAWL
__ Star State (Texas nickname) LONE