The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8191

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Clues Answers
Art of effective speaking RHETORIC
Category, class TYPE
Country in Europe FRANCE
Couple PAIR
Delivery messenger COURIER
Exact double spitting image
French for father PERE
Fruit PEAR
Handle; lump KNOB
Number SEVEN
Outdoor fundraiser FETE
Person walking past passer-by
Clues Answers
Positive sign thumbs-up
Power to influence LEVERAGE
Public square PLAZA
Raise to the peerage ENNOBLE
Ready to take risks ADVENTURESOME
Reward; generosity BOUNTY
Romantic meeting DATE
Slowly decay MOULDER
Team game HOCKEY
Tree-dwarfing art BONSAI
Trim by cutting PARE
Very large OUTSIZE
Wavering note TREMOLO