New York Times - Feb 3 2020

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Clues Answers
'Bah!' FEH
'I know you think this is a ludicrous idea, but ...' HEARMEOUT
'Mom' on a bicep, e.g TAT
'No seats remaining' sign SRO
'On ___ Majesty's Secret Service' HER
'Oops, sorry!' MYMISTAKE
'Peace out!' SEEYA
'Who am ___ judge?' ITO
App customer USER
Athletic club? BAT
Bog fuel PEAT
Br'er Rabbit's hideaway BRIAR
Burden ONUS
Chimney pipes FLUES
Chinese region dubbed the 'Vegas of Asia' MACAU
Classic horror tale by W. W. Jacobs THEMONKEYSPAW
Combat sport fought in a cage: Abbr MMA
Common downtown street name MAIN
Company nicknamed 'Big Blue' IBM
Cook's garment APRON
Course that's a cakewalk EASYA
Crumbly cheese in a Greek salad FETA
Cry of discovery AHA
Doo-wop rock band that performed in the movie 'Grease' SHANANA
Doze (off) NOD
Drop-___ (unexpected visitors) INS
Fatty ingredient in pie crust LARD
Favoritest friend BESTIE
Feathered Tchaikovsky dancers SWANS
Feature of a 95° day in Phoenix, but not Miami DRYHEAT
Flattens in boxing, for short KOS
Fuel economy authority, for short EPA
Fury IRE
Glided effortlessly (through) BREEZED
Gun noise BANG
Hangover remedy in which one continues drinking HAIROFTHEDOG
Height of excellence, metaphorically THEBEESKNEES
Help-wanted inits EEO
Clues Answers
High-I.Q. bunch MENSA
Issa of HBO's 'Insecure' RAE
Killer whale ORCA
Leave the band to make it big on one's own GOSOLO
Like some whiskey barrels OAKEN
Lowly laborers PEONS
Mom, pop and the kids, say FAM
Need for a cash-strapped car buyer LOAN
Not outsourced INHOUSE
Old-school 'Cool!' NEATO
Out on a limb, literally TREED
Paper for jotting notes on PAD
Periodic Sicilian erupter ETNA
Piece between a bishop and a queen KING
Poison ivy reaction ITCH
Prefix with classical NEO
Prized blackjack cards ACES
Raison d'___ ETRE
Real estate or money in the bank ASSET
Red wine choice, for short ZIN
Sheltered, at sea ALEE
Singer Mann AIMEE
Slumps SAGS
Son of Seth ENOS
Speed limit letters, abroad KPH
State known for its potatoes IDAHO
Suffix with direct or deposit ORY
Supreme Court justice Clarence THOMAS
Surgery sites, briefly ORS
The 'A' of MoMA ART
Theme song for 'Rocky III' EYEOFTHETIGER
Wanders ROAMS
Warning ALERT
Wiener topper that's 'sauer' KRAUT
World faith founded in Persia BAHAI
___ Domini ANNO
___ Hawkins of 'Li'l Abner' SADIE
___ Lewis and the News HUEY
___ Xtra (Dr Pepper alternative) PIBB