- Feb 2 2020

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Clues Answers
''All bets __ off'' ARE
''Can't argue with that'' TRUE
''Lawrence of Arabia'' star OTOOLE
''Little'' Dickens girl NELL
''Many years __ . . .'' AGO
''Murphy Brown'' star CANDICEBERGEN
''No idea'' GOTME
''Peer Gynt'' playwright IBSEN
''The Office'' administrator PAM
''The Rock'' Johnson DWAYNE
Advil alternative ALEVE
Altercations SETTOS
Approach shot club IRON
Big name in rap DRDRE
Big-box furniture chain IKEA
Big-horned goats IBEXES
Bits of thread LINT
Blu-ray rental DVD
Brainstorming success NEWIDEA
Car wash cycle RINSE
Carded at a club IDED
Carell's assistant in ''Evan Almighty'' WANDASYKES
Carnival amusement RIDE
Cartoon collectibles CELS
Childish comeback CANSO
Choir room garments ROBES
Clandestine govt. org NSA
Classified cost ADRATE
Cold War-era council SOVIET
Commando operation RAID
Conniving SLY
Consequently ERGO
Contributes ADDSIN
Costner or Bacon KEVIN
Crescent points CUSPS
De Klerk successor NELSONMANDELA
Diamond foursome BASES
Dodgers pitching great SANDYKOUFAX
Draw the short straw, say LOSE
Easy to prepare, as desserts NOBAKE
English racetrack town EPSOM
Envelope fasteners CLASPS
Evening, in ads NITE
Exodus brother AARON
Favoritism BIAS
Fender dings DENTS
Fill with joy ELATE
First chip thrown in ANTE
Form an alliance UNITE
Formal turndown NAY
French wine valley RHONE
Garden hose holder REEL
Gemologist's measure CARAT
Genre for 23 or 28 Across POP
German Peace Nobelist WILLYBRANDT
Glittery strands TINSEL
Gourmet gastropod SNAIL
Groups of clerics ORDERS
Gucci of fashion ALDO
Has a hunch FEELS
Helical marker DNA
Henry Ford II's father EDSEL
Huff and puff PANT
Hunter's garb, for short CAMO
Impulsive episode SPREE
In great demand HOT
Inspirational source MUSE
Ironing mishap SCORCH
It means ''equal'' ISO
Japanese wrestling SUMO
Keep clear of AVOID
Leveling wedge SHIM
Clues Answers
Lord's Prayer opening OUR
Low card in a royal flush TEN
Low point NADIR
Macramé elements KNOTS
Major retail operation CHAIN
Make adjustments to ALTER
Makes amends ATONES
Michelangelo masterpiece DAVID
Minor misstatement FIB
Mormon priest ELDER
Narrow escape SCARE
Nation on the Red Sea ISRAEL
Night school subj ESL
Norman Rockwell's painter neighbor GRANDMAMOSES
Northern end of the Appalachian Trail MAINE
Not much of a challenge EASY
Novelist Deighton LEN
Of birds AVIAN
Org. for top drivers PGA
Palm fruit DATE
Part of a simplicity simile ABC
Part of UNLV LAS
Pay out EXPEND
Pep rally shout YAYTEAM
Personal quirk TIC
Pithy saying ADAGE
Portable water source CANTEEN
Postgraduate's project THESIS
Repetitive practice DRILL
Rockies resort ASPEN
Rope on the range LASSO
Salt __ (recipe instruction) TOTASTE
Savory stimulus ODOR
Seaport structure DOCK
Sidekick PAL
Small ''número'' UNO
Small musical ensembles DUOS
Small, sweet sandwich OREO
Sneaker sole pattern TREAD
Something in water or holding water VESSEL
Song superstar ARIANAGRANDE
Soon, in verse ANON
Soul singer Baker ANITA
Soup can artist ANDYWARHOL
Spot of land in the ocean ISLE
Spring zodiac sign ARIES
Subject in English class NOUN
Summer hours in Md EDT
Take the role of PLAY
Talk big BOAST
Tennis great Steffi GRAF
The Big Easy alias NOLA
Theater path AISLE
Tibet's capital LHASA
Trial software BETAS
Trident competitor DENTYNE
TV actress Falco EDIE
Type of high-rise dwelling CONDO
Unpredictable ERRATIC
Very pale ASHEN
Vigorous BRISK
Western writer Bret HARTE
What the puzzle's eight longest answers have in common AND
Wildlife protector WARDEN
Wind instruments OBOES
With a candlelike feel WAXY
Without exception ALWAYS
Wizard's concoction POTION
Works with acetylene WELDS
__ monster (Southwestern lizard) GILA
__ nous (confidentially) ENTRE
__' Pea (''Popeye'' infant) SWEE
__-mo replay SLO