The Washington Post - Feb 2 2020

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Clues Answers
'Auld Lang __' SYNE
'I'm on it, I'm on it!!' OKOK
'Sorry, not for me' IPASS
'Star Trek' franchise Klingon WORF
'Yes, yes, Dominique' OUIOUI
1995 Hugh Grant film IXMONTHS
2000s series set in a funeral home VIFEETUNDER
2001 Peace Prize sharer Annan KOFI
2012 Best Picture ARGO
Academic job security TENURE
Adobe file format PDF
Aggravate NETTLE
Alaskan island in the Eastern Hemisphere ATTU
All __: including everything TOLD
Alpine goats IBEXES
Amt. rarely charged MSRP
Astaire and a singer ADELES
Attacks, knight-style TILTSAT
Bakery workers ICERS
Barely manage, with 'out' EKE
Barrel racing milieu RODEO
Barry Gibb, for one BEEGEE
Border range URALS
Botches, with 'up' LOUSES
Brandy letters VSO
Capital north of Syracuse OTTAWA
Carried out DID
Cars in jams, say IDLERS
Certain incumbent's rally cry IVMOREYEARS
Charmingly rural FOLKSY
Chili __: dish with green sauce VERDE
Collection plate alternative ALMSBOX
Década components ANOS
DH's stat RBI
Disc golf starting point TEEPAD
Dress (up) fancily TOG
Early Arizona natives PIMAS
Eggy beverage NOG
El __ PASO
Engage in verbal jousting SPAR
Eponymous 2000s TV sitcom REBA
Evil intent MALICE
Exhaust __ FUMES
Fight stopper, for short TKO
Films with depth? IIIDMOVIES
Forget to mention OMIT
Former 49ers coach Bill WALSH
Former Hanford overseer: Abbr AEC
French 101 verb AVOIR
Friend of François AMIE
Glass-roofed lobbies ATRIA
Gospel singer Winans CECE
Green Bay legend FAVRE
Grinch creator SEUSS
Guest in a team owner's skybox, often VIP
Hall of Fame pitcher Blyleven BERT
Hammed it up EMOTED
Hayride seats BALES
Heavy marble STEELIE
Home security giant ADT
Homes in the woods NESTS
Hospital supply PLASMA
Immigrant's subj ESL
In the distance AFAR
In the order given: Abbr RESP
Inflation spec PSI
It's not good to be behind it VIIIBALL
It's usually attached to a house IICARGARAGE
Its name is derived from Provençal words for 'garlic' and 'oil' AIOLI
Jockey strap REIN
Clues Answers
Key, perhaps ISLE
Kolkata wrap SARI
La Méditerranée, e.g MER
Lahore tongue URDU
Learn to fit in ADAPT
Lifelong, as a fan AVID
Like the Namib ARID
Management deg MBA
Mao __-tung TSE
Marine hazard EDDY
Monterey neighbor CARMEL
Mosaic pieces INLAYS
Most up in the air IFFIEST
Museum works ART
Nevada Northern Railway Museum city ELY
Nonsense TRIPE
Old-time cinemas RKOS
One always reaching for the Skyy? SOT
One of the halogens IODINE
Online program WEBCAST
Online response to humor LOL
Option at the bagel shop SESAME
Pace with a wide range of speeds TROT
Pitcher of milk? ELSIE
Poem of loss ELEGY
Portland summer hrs., perhaps EDT
Prevents, by law ESTOPS
Pride and envy SINS
Pudelpointer, say BIRDDOG
Ratted SANG
Reach for the Skyy IMBIBE
Rolled up FURLED
Runs for it LAMS
Runway walker MODEL
Sassy PERT
Scand. country NORW
Seller of dogs DELI
Set of schools that includes Vassar VIISISTERS
Sherpa, commonly NEPALI
Show for which Erika Slezak won six Daytime Emmys ILIFETOLIVE
Shut (up) CLAM
Siamese, e.g CAT
Siouan people OTOE
Site of Pei's pyramid LOUVRE
Slime GOO
Soup legume PEA
Stand for a canvas EASEL
Stringed Asian instrument SITAR
Suffix with ump- TEEN
Sun-Maid product RAISIN
Survey category AGEGROUP
Swallow INGEST
Symbol of untouchability XFOOTPOLE
Takes in, say ALTERS
Theater sight POSTER
Theta follower IOTA
Throw out EVICT
Time toggle AMPM
Tom Joad, e.g OKIE
Toughies POSERS
Tourney format, briefly ELIM
Transmission need GEAROIL
Video poker basis VCARDDRAW
Whence the Israelites fled EGYPT
Wilson's predecessor TAFT
Window treatment BLIND
Wing it ADLIB
Word with best or book SELLER
Word with sleep or freeze DEEP
__ Scurry, 1999 Women's World Cup championship U.S. team goalkeeper BRIANA