The Sun - Two Speed - Feb 1 2020

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Clues Answers
As Bunter starts with fork and trifle FAT
Caviare source STURGEON
Coach Ivan strangely left in festive occasion CARNIVAL
Colourful bird PARROT
Corpulent FAT
Desire revealed in chit-chat ITCH
Diadem TIARA
Display ostentatiously FLAUNT
Dubious (informal) FISHY
Edible root, e.g VEGETABLE
Emergency vehicle AMBULANCE
Excellent SUPERB
Female relative drinks litres to show off FLAUNT
Female, one retiring, is suspicious FISHY
Financial record ACCOUNT
First Minister tense, admitted by doctor STURGEON
Gave betel nuts as a food plant VEGETABLE
Guru consuming country meat product SAUSAGE
Hair dye RINSE
Harpoon or lance SPEAR
Head-ornament so long one wears TIARA
Hold dear TREASURE
In game we recognise pitcher EWER
Javelin point in box SPEAR
Clues Answers
King into drink certainly finds wealth TREASURE
Lawsuit involves rotter in dramatic fall CASCADE
Magnificent monarch in refurbished pubs SUPERB
Mardi Gras, e.g CARNIVAL
Marshy land FEN
One pound (informal) NICKER
One tough, difficult group of teachers hard nut
One who steals £1 NICKER
Oversized jug EWER
Person difficult to deal with (informal) hard nut
Pilots in space shuttle ACES
Plaice, e.g FLATFISH
Put back after transport dispute bust up
Repeat usual rubbish PARROT
Restless longing (informal) ITCH
Revolutionary period in Norway earlier YEAR
Ridicule name for the masses RAGTAG
Serious quarrel (informal) bust up
Skilled wartime fliers (informal) ACES
Swamp in Fife nearby FEN
Swimmer shows sparkle keeping amazingly fit FLATFISH
Tale that might be current? ACCOUNT
Tint from hairdresser in Seascale RINSE
Transport patiently awaited? AMBULANCE
Twelvemonth YEAR
Untidy or disorganised (informal) RAGTAG