Universal - Jan 30 2020

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Clues Answers
"Ali ___: Hard Knock Wife" WONG
"Born in the ___" USA
"Funny running into you here!" OHHI
"I don't have any of those cards" GOFISH
Actors' representatives AGENTS
Adriatic or Aegean SEA
Answer that was also in yesterday's puzzle, fittingly SAME
Balance displayer, briefly ATM
Band's final concert series, and what this puzzle's theme answers constitute? FAREWELLTOUR
Bluish-purple VIOLET
Brand of preppy shirts IZOD
Campfire treat SMORE
Canon that takes shots CAMERA
Congressional cable channel CSPAN
Duet's number TWO
Elite NFL player ALLPRO
Feature of most crosswords THEME
Film spool REEL
First Amendment-defending org ACLU
Flow like slime OOZE
Genesis garden EDEN
Get even? ALIGN
Groucho or Harpo MARX
Has to pay back OWES
Havana's land CUBA
Hog homes PENS
Holmes' sidekick WATSON
Home to Afghanistan ASIA
It begins in September FALL
It comes from the heart AORTA
Keeper of order on Capitol Hill (8 to 11, England) SERGEANTATARMS
Less preferable WORSE
Like attention-getting text BOLD
Like many a work in progress UNTITLED
Many a Christmas tree FIR
Marathon's 26.2 MILES
Merlots and others REDS
Clues Answers
Mining target ORE
Mold growth SPORE
Musk of Tesla ELON
Off-the-___ remark CUFF
On track to win AHEAD
Part of TLC CARE
Perimeter EDGE
Poker player's folding phrase IMOUT
Pre-release app status BETA
Provide funding for ENDOW
Renewable power source WIND
River in two African countries' names CONGO
San ___, Puerto Rico JUAN
Served dinner to, say FED
Slightly open AJAR
Solo such as "Casta diva" ARIA
Speak highly of LAUD
Spy grp CIA
Strong suit FORTE
Subject with trig questions MATH
Sweet citrus (6 to 9, Italy) VALENCIAORANGE
Swiss peak ALP
Symptom of ghosting (letters 2 to 6, Spain) RADIOSILENCE
Thick Japanese noodle UDON
Took the bus RODE
Transmit by phone line FAX
Trendy berry ACAI
Tugboat sound TOOT
Type ILK
Up to this point, informally TILNOW
Visit to corporate headquarters, perhaps WORKTRIP
Waffle brand EGGO
Waiters appreciate them TIPS
Wall Street degs MBAS
Well-suited APT
What Utah and Idaho do ABUT
___ against the clock RACE