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Clues Answers
'Amen, pastor!' PREACHIT
'Boston Legal' actor James SPADER
'David' and 'The Thinker' NUDES
'General' of Chinese cuisine TSO
'Gigi' star Caron LESLIE
'Joey' star LeBlanc MATT
'Look here as well,' in a reference book SEEALSO
'P.S. I — U' (old TV show) LUV
'Quiet down' SHH
'Upon my word!' IDODECLARE
'Yes, sign me up' IMIN
'You got that right!' IAGREE
'You got that right!' ILLSAY
1,051, in old Rome MLI
14-member oil gp OPEC
1931 crime film starring Edward G. Robinson LITTLECAESAR
1971 Elton John song TINYDANCER
2, for helium ATOMICNUMBER
Active types DOERS
Actor Affleck BEN
Actor Cox RONNY
Actresses Carrere and Mowry TIAS
Anxious ANTSY
Article in Argentina UNA
Basso solo, e.g ARIA
Beginner's painting class ARTI
Being amorous, to Brits SNOGGING
Bill of fare MENU
Blissful EDENIC
Bouffant, e.g HAIRDO
Bow's shape ARC
Carte lead-in ALA
CD- — drive ROM
Chances ODDS
China's Zhou — ENLAI
Chinese system of calisthenics TAICHI
Comical Costello LOU
Cousin's mommy AUNTIE
Darth Vader, as a kid ANI
Did it wrong ERRED
Elicitor of a major 'Whew!' HUGERELIEF
Eligible for Soc. Sec RET
Ending for buck or stink AROO
Endlessly repeating programming problem INFINITELOOP
Evaluates ASSESSES
Fake fat in some chips OLEAN
Farm bundle BALE
Fashion designer in 'The Incredibles' EDNAMODE
Fit together MESH
Floral symbol of purity LILY
Fold in a skirt PLEAT
Follow, as a pointer ACTON
Force unit DYNE
Former 'Top Chef' judge EMERIL
French racing city LEMANS
G-man, e.g AGENT
G-man, e.g FED
Get a whiff of SMELL
Gig hookup AMP
Higher, spiritual level of awareness COSMICCONSCIOUSNESS
Hwy. felony DUI
Imitating sorts APERS
Injury marks SCARS
Jerusalem's nation: Abbr ISR
Join a force ENLIST
Jolie of film ANGELINA
Clues Answers
Just-OK grade CEE
Kind of camera, in brief SLR
King beater ACE
Knife of old infomercials GINSU
Late hours, in ads NITE
Latin for 'year' ANNUS
Lauder of fragrances ESTEE
Lay waste to RUIN
Lethargy INERTIA
Lift to check the weight of HEFT
Lighter catchphrase in old ads FLICKMYBIC
Like rags TATTERED
M114 howitzer, e.g MEDIUMARTILLERY
Mag staff EDS
Make afraid SCARE
Make revisions to EMEND
Man-mouse middle ORA
Manuscript mistakes TYPOS
Microwaves NUKES
Minneapolis-Montreal dir ENE
Miracle- — (plant food) GRO
New Mexico skiing spot TAOS
Nonverbal 'yes' NOD
Not together SEPARATE
Occurrence EVENT
Online chuckle LOL
Partner of Cheech CHONG
Pass, as time ELAPSE
PC key abbr ESC
Picks off, as a pass INTERCEPTS
Pipe joint TEE
Pipe joint ELL
Political hostess Perle MESTA
Prefix with state TRI
Prepared for storage, as a hose COILEDUP
Prickly shrub BRIAR
Put holy oil on ANOINT
Quite dry ARID
Rounded roof DOME
Roxy Music's Brian ENO
Sharon of 'Cagney and Lacey' GLESS
She may be a gofer OFFICEGIRL
Singer Hayes ISAAC
Some hole menders DARNERS
Sometimes-jellied fish EEL
Spew lava ERUPT
Sun.-Tue. link MON
The 'R' of 33-Down REFLEX
They may be glossed over LIPS
Thoughts IDEAS
Trig is a prereq for it CALC
Truckload LOT
Tune for nine NONET
Unicellular swimmer AMOEBA
Universal truth AXIOM
Vocalist Sumac YMA
Wall painting MURAL
Wallach of 'Lord Jim' ELI
Watery silks MOIRES
Western tribe OTO
What iPads run on IOS
Whiskey type SCOTCH
Zodiac ram ARIES
— -Detoo (sci-fi droid) ARTOO
— a mile (not even close) OFFBY
— d'Or (Cannes award) PALME
— Juan SAN
— Yello (Coca-Cola brand) MELLO