- Jan 29 2020

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Clues Answers
''No harm done'' ILLLIVE
''No ifs, __, or buts!'' ANDS
''Penguin suit'' TUX
''Sink'' or ''swim'' VERB
''Superfruit'' berry ACAI
''That's right'' ITISSO
''To repeat . . .'' LIKEIWASSAYING
007 portrayer Daniel CRAIG
Accentuate STRESS
Arduous work TOIL
August zodiac sign LEO
Barbecue serving RACKOFRIBS
Barely got by, with ''out'' EKED
Cereal brand ''for kids'' TRIX
Current fashion TREND
Democrat's rival circa 1850 WHIG
Deserve to get EARN
Do editing EMEND
Dove sound COO
Dull discomfort ACHE
Eight-sided sign STOP
Emerge, with ''out'' COME
Expression of fashion STYLE
Fragment of paper SCRAP
Fuel additive letters STP
Garden intruder WEED
Home Depot rival IKEA
Honolulu's island OAHU
Hot-day snack ICES
Hotel's towel distributor MAID
If not ELSE
Japanese grill HIBACHI
Kuwaiti leader EMIR
Label on a fragile package HANDLEWITHCARE
Language of Pakistan URDU
Large birdcage AVIARY
Letter-shaped cereal POSTALPHABITS
Light brown TAN
Clues Answers
Luxury boat YACHT
Make stricter TIGHTEN
Network with Spring Break programming MTV
Occupied a bench SAT
One whose work can be a pane GLASSMAKER
Part of FYI YOUR
Paving substances TARS
Poetic sphere ORB
Poker declaration IBET
Really relax, with ''out'' VEG
Relief organization's goal FEEDTHEHUNGRY
Rendered an anthem SUNG
Responder to a 911 call: Abbr EMT
Rolls of cash WADS
Scarlet and crimson REDS
Scholarly one SAVANT
Self-glory EGO
Sells, perhaps by machine VENDS
Senator Romney MITT
Shrubby wasteland HEATH
Slight remnant TRACE
Slithery fish EEL
Small keepsake TOKEN
Small salamander NEWT
Small sizes PETITES
Something sprinkled on salad OIL
Spanish bull TORO
String toy YOYO
Strip of a shoe TONGUE
Swirling water EDDY
Take to court SUE
Throw hard HURL
Touched a match to LIT
Turn suddenly VEER
Uncool group NERDS
Vague idea NOTION
Vengeful ''Star Wars'' group SITH
Well-mannered woman LADY