The Sun - Two Speed - Jan 29 2020

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Clues Answers
500 appearing in Old English poem ODE
Aligns erroneous evidence SIGNAL
Always among cleverdicks EVER
At any time EVER
Bananas or nuts for savage WILD
Bottom oar split in seagoing craft motor boat
Cashless exchange SWAP
Cheat to run before church FLEECE
Clothing RAIMENT
Completely DOWNRIGHT
Disproportionate UNDUE
Driving force THRUST
Earth or soil GROUND
Fatiguing TIRESOME
Formidable foe NEMESIS
Gangway AISLE
Glide over snow SKI
Great elm snapped wire TELEGRAM
Hands over for trade SWAP
Helm for turn WHEEL
Henry in confidence gives strong push THRUST
I'm given vegetable — for gut response? IMPULSE
Intention to appear in torn dress RAIMENT
Large sailing ship GALLEON
Meissen smashed in retribution NEMESIS
Clues Answers
Message sent by radio TELEGRAM
Neck injury WHIPLASH
Occupier TENANT
One renting a new resident in shelter TENANT
Passage yours truly will read aloud AISLE
Powered vessel motor boat
Prosperous well-to-do
Pulverised in good session at Birkdale? GROUND
Recoil from two similar cats? WHIPLASH
Rich or upset after depression? well-to-do
Sheepskin FLEECE
Some spectators kissing runner SKI
Steering device WHEEL
Sudden blast initially sustained in belly GUST
Sweetening grains SUGAR
Tease us about sweetheart SUGAR
Thin cord STRING
Traveller finally entering smart train STRING
Trying more ties out TIRESOME
Uncultivated WILD
Unreasonable German and EU backing UNDUE
Utterly blue Conservatives? DOWNRIGHT
Verse form ODE
Vessel from east in fluid measure GALLEON
Wind surge GUST