- Jan 28 2020

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Clues Answers
''If all __ fails . . .'' ELSE
''Uh-uh'' NOPE
''Welcome to Honolulu!'' ALOHA
''__ put it another way . . .'' ORTO
African beast larger than a hippo RHINO
Approved by a rabbi for eating KOSHER
Approx. takeoff hrs ETDS
Asparagus pieces SPEARS
Attorney-__ ATLAW
Avoid, as capture EVADE
Back of an envelope FLAP
Bath powder TALC
Becomes more mature AGES
Blueprint detail, for short SPEC
Brown soft drink COLA
Burgle ROB
Cider fruit APPLE
Common seaweed GREENALGAE
Cookbook amt TBSP
Cooked seafood serving REDLOBSTER
Country road LANE
Dance that ''takes two'' TANGO
Declare to be true AVOW
Desire to scratch ITCH
Discount promotions SALES
Dried 11 Down PRUNE
Earphones HEADSETS
Edge of a hat BRIM
Egyptian snake ASP
Electric car brand TESLA
Enjoy doing LIKE
Event for marchers and bands PARADE
Expressed verbally ORAL
Fictional Scarlett OHARA
Fishing rod spool REEL
Floating ice hazard BERG
Fragrant legume plant SWEETPEA
Friendly and informal FOLKSY
Clues Answers
Genesis garden EDEN
Get ready, briefly PREP
Go beyond on the road PASS
Hawaiian restaurant's __ torch TIKI
Helpful hints TIPS
King of clubs, for one CARD
Leafy side dish SALAD
Loud laughs YUKS
More dryly humorous WRYER
Newspaper essay OPED
Of nuclear energy ATOMIC
Orderly NEAT
Owed amounts DEBTS
Paintball impact sound SPLAT
Pearl producer OYSTER
Pose a question ASK
Prayer-ending word AMEN
Prefix meaning ''recent'' NEO
Purple fruit PLUM
Reprimand mildly CHIDE
Ripped (up) TORE
Rodeo horse BRONC
Sitcom interrupter TVAD
Slow faucet leak DRIP
Sound in a tunnel ECHO
Standing up straight ERECT
Start, as a fire SPARK
Strike, as a mosquito SWAT
Subordinates of cpls PFCS
Suffix meaning ''resident of'' ITE
Tough puzzle POSER
Tusk material IVORY
Up till now TODATE
Vatican leaders POPES
Weeps out loud SOBS
Worker's end-of-week cry TGIF
__ de Cologne EAU
__ Grey tea EARL