Jonesin' - Jan 28 2020

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Clues Answers
'Chicken Run' extra HEN
'Fancy' singer McEntire REBA
'I Get ___ Out of You' AKICK
'I, Robot' author Asimov ISAAC
'Ignorance is bliss,' e.g PROVERB
'Wow' feeling AWE
'___ be my honor' ITD
'___ let you down!' IWONT
A metal one is reusable STRAW
Acid class AMINO
Acrobat software company ADOBE
Amsterdam-based financial co ING
Archipelago components ISLETS
At a minimum NOLESS
Award-winning 2015 movie whose title is Spanish for 'hitman' SICARIO
Baby's slipper BOOTEE
Battery terminals ANODES
Beam of happiness? SMILE
Biblical preserver ARK
Buenos Aires loc ARG
Country that Conchita Wurst represented in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest AUSTRIA
Criminal tough guy THUG
Domicile ABODE
Dorothy of the 'Road' pictures LAMOUR
Fairway club not often found in a bag ONEIRON
Fashion designer Anna SUI
Finch's creator LEE
Fire pit leftovers ASHES
Food on a belt SUSHI
French street RUE
Game pieces MEN
Haka dancer MAORI
Hand down PASSON
Heavy jacket PARKA
Her self-titled album was named the best of 2014 by The Guardian and Entertainment Weekly STVINCENT
Highest North American peak DENALI
Hit indie RPG of 2015 with notable music, jokes about puzzles, and multiple endings UNDERTALE
Hosp. areas ORS
Clues Answers
Indigo dye source ANIL
John of 2020's 'The Grudge' CHO
Late night host who filmed in Cuba in 2015, the first to do so since Jack Paar in 1959 CONANOBRIEN
Like the universe, cosmologically EXPANDING
Lou of the Velvet Underground REED
Migratory seabird TERN
Miller who played the younger daughter in 'The Descendants' AMARA
Music booster AMP
National park in Tanzania SERENGETI
NBA or NHL stats PTS
Nice-sized lot ACRE
Night flyer BAT
No longer hidden SEEN
North African capital city TUNIS
Prepare to serve, as a pizza or pie SLICEUP
Principal MAIN
Ready, in Spain LISTO
Resting cat's spot LAP
Robin's 'Mork & Mindy' costar PAM
Semi-wet snow SLUSH
Sheep's mother EWE
Show-offy way to solve crosswords INPEN
Slippery ___ (herbal remedy source) ELM
Soccer forward STRIKER
Some endoscope users ENTS
Tarantulas, e.g SPIDERS
Teddy ___ (1980s bear that played cassettes) RUXPIN
The Little Mermaid ARIEL
They're shown after the decimal CENTS
Trig curve SINE
TV show whose climactic episode 'Ozymandias' was turned into a mini-opera premiering in 2014 BREAKINGBAD
Word after sports or training BRA
Writer on a birthday? ICER
Yoga studio greeting NAMASTE
Zombie spirit RUM
[We meant it this way] SIC
___ Martin (sports car) ASTON
___-1 ('Ghostbusters' car) ECTO