The New Yorker - Jan 27 2020

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Clues Answers
"As you wish, darling" YESDEAR
"Don't let my innocent looks fool you" IMNOANGEL
"Maus" cartoonist Spiegelman ART
"You bet ___ ass!" YER
"___ Doubtfire" MRS
"___ girl!" ATTA
A plus? ASSET
About to bubble over ABOIL
Amnesty et al NGOS
Android-compatible phone MOTO
Athletic poker EPEE
Beauty company? BEAST
Big battle SIEGE
Bit of a snicker HEE
Bone attached to the sternum TRUERIB
Bubbe's interjections OYS
C-Class, E-Class, or S-Class, casually BENZ
Chuck alternative CHAS
Colorful herbal beverage REDTEA
Crib PAD
Dallas pro MAV
Dodge a shower, say STAYDRY
Early vamp Theda BARA
Fatty, silky chocolate ingredient COCOABUTTER
Fearsome fleets ARMADAS
Fry, once SPUD
G.P.S. abbr RTE
Gloria of Miami Sound Machine ESTEFAN
Greaser rides HOTRODS
Haggard musician? MERLE
Has a take on MAKESOF
Clues Answers
Hooch holder FLASK
It might improve your reception CASHBAR
Like aerosols, per the Montreal Protocol CFCFREE
Like some elephants ASIATIC
Lobster look-alike CRAWDAD
Looped in, say CCED
Major beef center KOBE
Modern party pass? VAPEPEN
Natural order of the universe TAO
Nears the basket to shoot POSTSUP
Nine-time winner of 24 Hours of Le Mans, the world's oldest sports-car endurance race FERRARI
Nostalgic releases REBOOTS
One with no class? DROPOUT
One-___ (short films) REELERS
Perry of pop KATY
Place to take a peek EYEHOLE
Playfully, in music SCHERZANDO
Pleased vibration PURR
Readied, like a roach RELIT
Salad green ARUGULA
Seizes (from) WRESTS
Some funny characters TOONS
Switchback curve ESS
Tamed, like a horse RIDABLE
Thanks to Germany? DANKE
Tuscany town SIENA
TV anchor Zahn PAULA
Unbothered BLITHE
Where you might find a tuxedo CATCALENDAR
Wimbledon singles champ Marion BARTOLI
___ ski APRES
___ track DISS