L.A. Times Daily - Jan 27 2020

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Clues Answers
"... et cetera" ANDSOON
"Glee" star Lea __ MICHELE
"Got it" ISEE
"Grrr!" is one SNARL
"If only __ listened" HED
*Infielder typically between second and third SHORTSTOP
*Mystery/soap (1956-'84) that ultimately dropped "The" from its title EDGEOFNIGHT
*One of the four Seven Sisters magazines that are still in print WOMANSDAY
*Televised panelist shown from the shoulders up TALKINGHEAD
Amazon Echo Dot's voice service ALEXA
As found INSITU
Barista's creation LATTE
Bottom line TOTAL
Browser update button REFRESH
Campaign face-off DEBATE
Campaigned RAN
Campus official DEAN
Cartoon frame CEL
Choral part ALTO
Christmas saint NICHOLAS
Chrysler Building architect William Van ___ ALEN
Climber's downward journey DESCENT
Clock-setting std GST
Dusk, in poetry EEN
Ex-NBA star Ming YAO
French possessive SES
Fridge stickers MAGNETS
Garden shed tool HOE
Give in RELENT
Great __: London's island BRITAIN
Grind, as teeth GNASH
H.S. equivalency test GED
High-IQ group MENSA
Hopscotch POTSY
Indian butter GHEE
John Brown's eulogist Stephen Vincent __ BENET
Light-circling insects MOTHS
Longest river in France LOIRE
Clues Answers
Med. care plan HMO
Medical research org NIH
Miami's st FLA
New employee TRAINEE
Nobelist Wiesel ELIE
On the briny ASEA
Opposite of losing, weightwise GAINING
Opposite of oui NON
Organ that may itch SKIN
Passed, as a bill ENACTED
Pilot-licensing org FAA
Pleads BEGS
Prefix for sun HELIO
Prefix with gender CIS
Prom attendees TEENS
Quarterfinalists' count EIGHT
Rear warning lamp, and what can go with the end of each answer to a starred clue TAILLIGHT
Rise up against authority REBEL
Send out EMIT
Sierra __, Africa LEONE
Simpatico (like Justin Timberlake's band?) INSYNC
Smidge TAD
Soften, as one's voice level MODULATE
Sonnet line quintet IAMBS
Spanish two DOS
Start, as of symptoms ONSET
Suffix with alp INE
Tee size: Abbr LGE
Tibetan monks LAMAS
U.S. interstate, e.g RTE
Under-the-roof room ATTIC
Understood by a select few ESOTERIC
Urged strongly EXHORTED
Use an axe on HEW
Weather-changing currents ELNINOS
West end? ERN
Yale student ELI
__ cream soda ICE