Family Time - Jan 27 2020

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Clues Answers
"G.W.T.W." plantation TARA
"Give ___ chance" (2 words) ITA
"I just finished praying" AMEN
"Land of the morning calm" KOREA
"Pro" votes YEAS
"So there!" HAH
"That serve hit the net" LET
"With all ___ respect ..." DUE
1773 Boston Harbor additive? TEA
48-7 win, for example ROMP
4:15 at O'Hare, perhaps ETA
Ability or aptitude KNACK
Account entry DEBIT
Acted as the guide LED
Actress Watson EMMA
Administers of lethal injections? ASPS
Advised leader? ILL
African flow-er? NILE
Air traveler's needs IDS
Alda, Ladd and King ALANS
All your relatives KIN
Antonio's intro? SAN
Any native Londoner BRIT
Apt name for a suggestive CPA? IRA
Assist in crime ABET
BBs, spitballs and bullets AMMO
Be part of a select crowd? VOTE
Big rig on the highway SEMI
Boat propeller? OAR
Certain veggie PEA
Chore TASK
City of Yemen ADEN
Clues Answers
Class action grp PTA
Confused, captain? ATSEA
Currently stylish CHIC
Dizzy jazz? BOP
Early film showing MATINEE
Entrance or exit for a miner ADIT
Foot-long container? SHOE
Gilligan's place ISLE
Guinness of movies ALEC
Have a foot-long EAT
Hit show SMASH
Jump over bumps in the snow? SKI
Kind of drops TEAR
Laboratory creature RAT
Last-day-of-school speech VALEDICTORY
Legendary actress Ruby DEE
Legendary Horne LENA
Lion's generic name LEO
Little creature that mimic its surroundings (2 words) STICKINSECT
Old-style partner of "kin" KITH
One of the planets JUPITER
Pats lightly TAPS
Pooch's bark ARF
Shop with lots of meat? DELI
Something a cook may do STIR
Suffix with "joy" or "cheer" FUL
Swell in the '90s RAD
Thing worn at a masquerade ball MASK
Type of fine cotton PIMA
Winter wear, for some (2 words) LEATHERJACKET
___ Claire, WI EAU
___ law, in physics OHMS