Universal - Jan 27 2020

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Clues Answers
"Ad ___" (2019 sci-fi film) ASTRA
"Can't Get Enough" band, or a business that practices 18-, 23-, 37- and 52-Across? BADCOMPANY
"Easier said ___ done" THAN
"It's about time!" ATLAST
"Joker" and "The Godfather" DRAMAS
"What's the ___?" ("Does it matter?") DIFF
"___ you for real?" ARE
$5 Fill Ups chain KFC
2016 also-ran Bush JEB
Al ___ (firm) DENTE
Attack like a bear MAUL
Brest buddy AMI
Cheating at bridge? BIDRIGGING
Chesapeake, for one BAY
Compass, for Safari ICON
Coral island CAY
Corned beef ___ HASH
Correcting a sales tag? PRICEFIXING
Covert org CIA
D.C. team NATS
Daughter of Catelyn Stark ARYA
Drink quickly CHUG
Eat greedily, with "down" SNARF
Election campaign's purchase ADBUY
Enthusiastic about something INTOIT
Enthusiastic affirmative YESYES
Epic hero of Spain ELCID
Equipment GEAR
Fifth noble gas XENON
Former baseball brothers' surname ALOU
Galaxy competitor IPHONE
Garden gastropods SNAILS
Genre related to goth EMO
Gold medalist, informally CHAMP
Government rule, briefly REG
Grammy-winning Grande ARIANA
Help dishonestly LIEFOR
Hungarian dog breed PULI
HVAC measure BTU
Clues Answers
Indeterminate large amount SOMUCH
Insult DIS
Insurance sellers AGENTS
Julie's role in "Doctor Zhivago" LARA
Leave out OMIT
List-shortening abbr ETAL
Log-in need USERID
Mafia boss DON
Make and ___ MODEL
Mamba or anaconda SNAKE
Olympic blade EPEE
One way to get a good hand? SELFDEALING
Org. that ranked comedy films AFI
Photo PIC
Place to purchase a Christmas tree LOT
Planet with polar ice caps MARS
Protects GUARDS
Result of not emptying your pockets? MONEYLAUNDERING
Roll call affirmative YEA
Russian rejection NYET
School in Troy, N.Y RPI
School support grp PTA
Second noble gas NEON
Small work unit ERG
Special glows AURAS
Spock's stunner PHASER
Springfield's Szyslak MOE
Star's trait, perhaps BIGEGO
Tablet array APPS
The movies, as an art CINEMA
They may eat meals in saucers ALIENS
To some degree PARTLY
Toast topping JAM
Wear away ABRADE
What even unmotivated judges do TRY
Words of approximation ORSO
Xfinity, e.g.: Abbr ISP
___ & Bradstreet DUN
___ too shabby NOT