Canadiana - Jan 27 2020

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Clues Answers
A la mode IN
African servant SYCE
African ungulate RHINO
Area measure ACRE
Arsenic symbol AS
Ash covered ASHY
Attention getter? HEY
Aye or ____ GAR
Birdie plus one? PAR
Boring BLAH
Brother of Romulus REMUS
Brother, condensed BRO
Caesar or Waldorf, e.g SALAD
Challenge DARE
Chimney control DAMPER
Crone ORCA
Dad PA
Delirium Tremens, abbr MA
Encase in wax CERE
End of quote AMARCH
European fish URATE
Exist BE
Female sib SIS
Flightless birds NO
Gazelles GOAS
Half and half SOSO
Indian city AGRA
It is, condensed TIS
Killer whale ORL
Luggage labels TAGS
Mexican rodent HAG
Mineral bearers ORES
Mop up, naut SWOB
Clues Answers
Multiply winnings PARLAY
Murray or Perkins, e.g HE
Navigation system LORAN
Negative TRAP
Nova _____ SCOTIA
Old world buffalo ANOA
Pope related PAPAL
Proceed GO
Professional, for short PRO
Public official NOTARY
Quebec Confederation father TACHE
Quote continues ADIRGE
Quote continues AS
Quote continues OCANADA
Quote continues ANDNOT
Right away, abbr ASAP
Scrap ORT
Small boxes for PACA
Small carriage ANTHEM
Source of quote EMURPHY
Speak with emotion EMOTE
Split NAY
Start of quote WESING
Tell on RAT
That man EMUS
Toronto, for short TO
Uric acid ester DTS
valuables TYES
Verb or lact follower OSE
Yards, abbr YDS
___St. Jean LAC