Wall Street Journal - Jan 27 2020 - Let’s Quest!

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Clues Answers
“Au contraire!” NOTSO
“Blue Bayou” singer Linda RONSTADT
“Dancing Queen” group ABBA
“Golly!” OHMAN
“Golly!” AWGEE
Alternative to a snake DRANO
Applied to USEDON
Arnaz of old TV DESI
Assistant on a 56-Down SIRI
Behold SEE
Bit of web code to facilitate search engines METATAG
Bolt’s partner NUT
Bygone Swedish car SAAB
Campfire residue ASH
Cavalry sword SABER
Cheshire Cat’s expression GRIN
Chooses as a successor ANOINTS
Cockamamie INANE
Cradle occupant BABY
Did a diamond job UMPED
Double helix stuff DNA
Electrically flexible ACDC
End for depend or differ ENT
Everyday rules DOSANDDONTS
Fighting ATWAR
Fit to serve, in draft classifications ONEA
Fruit with a Cotton Candy variety GRAPES
Gardner of movies AVA
Get on in years AGE
Here, in Paris ICI
Hot rooms SAUNAS
Interest fig PCT
Ireland, poetically ERIN
Japanese sport SUMO
Left high and dry STRANDED
Letter that looks like a P RHO
Libya’s Gulf of ___ SIDRA
Clues Answers
Makes docile TAMES
Makeup of some coded messages DOTSANDDASHES
Marco in the Senate RUBIO
Move with a mouse, say DRAGANDDROP
Music’s Yoko ONO
Narrow crevice FISSURE
Once more AGAIN
Ontario tribe CREE
Performs some heavy lifting PUMPSIRON
Place on a pedestal DEIFY
Potential result of a double: Abbr RBI
Prohibit BAN
Reply from the congregation AMEN
Restraint for Rover LEASH
Santa ___, California ANA
Saw things? TEETH
Seminal role-playing game familiarly, and the theme of this puzzle DANDD
She sheep EWE
Shivering, say COLD
Small, sporadic quantities DRIBSANDDRABS
Spa treatments PEELS
Stand for a canvas EASEL
Steamed up IRATE
Stick that may be chalked CUE
Stopped being fooled by WISEDUPTO
Tablet since 2010 IPAD
Talk smack DISS
Tough material for pants CHINO
Trip around the track LAP
Trueheart on the comics page TESS
Unsettling EERIE
Urban grocery stores BODEGAS
Usher to a new spot RESEAT
Variety show REVUE
Yard sale caveat ASIS
You, once THOU
___ Gay (historic plane) ENOLA