The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,040 - Jan 27 2020

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Clues Answers
Abandon cause that shows flaw DEFECT
Aligns malfunctioning warning light SIGNAL
Another time in the north THEN
Arranged in advance, gift's not new PRESET
Arrived, having secured posh car to roll up for tea CAMOMILE
Artist not following straight career? TURNER
Captain's place in game BRIDGE
Does it make the bank secure? REEFKNOT
Fool hems in one inexperienced driver in the half-dark TWILIT
Girl is both good and bad GILL
Great wave means trouble in front of the ship BILLOW
If worried, please pass ELAPSE
Main goal: to be relaxed in the shade MAGNOLIA
Clues Answers
Me always sick? There's a surprise WELLINEVER
Not stupid about silver being immensely popular ALLTHERAGE
One may be spoilt for choice in an election BALLOTPAPER
Secure employment is a piece of luck AGOODJOB
Shake down old revolutionary that's turned up EXTORT
Sound boost for man PHILIP
Spray knocks antelope back after short jump SPRINKLE
Star guide to note ASTERISK
Take responsibility for transporting the paint? CARRYTHECAN
This the last spoon? WOODEN
Unruffled tartan worn by chief of clan PLACID
Vegetable essence MARROW
Woman selected from deli, normally ELINOR