The Sun - Two Speed - Jan 27 2020

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Clues Answers
Accomplishing DOING
Adviser held by raiders AIDE
An entrance without it produces stir AGITATE
Bad dog hurt in dry spell DROUGHT
Banquet FEAST
Beast crossing to find top universities OXBRIDGE
Conceited one in vehicle VAIN
Confidential assistant AIDE
Cook through heat up
Deified mortal DEMIGOD
Die away FADE
Divine creature? Not half! DEMIGOD
Edna climbing southern mountains ANDES
Egotistical VAIN
Elite British academia OXBRIDGE
Execution, murder and governor's head DOING
Face headless Dexter around port EXTERIOR
Figure parrot disappeared as reported? POLYGON
Flesh-eating giant OGRE
Four notes gradually diminish FADE
Go beyond EXCEED
Groan moving church fixture ORGAN
Idea unacceptable about India NOTION
Immature frog TADPOLE
Item handed down HEIRLOOM
Make nervous AGITATE
Make-believe PRETEND
Clues Answers
Mediterranean fruit OLIVE
Memento TOKEN
Multi-sided shape POLYGON
Musical instrument ORGAN
Open-handed GENEROUS
Outdo old editor embracing church EXCEED
Outside surface EXTERIOR
Oxford accent? BROGUE
Pressure on nurse to simulate PRETEND
Radiance LIGHT
Representative figure okay to be accepted TOKEN
Root of puzzles we designed SWEDE
Satan's scar? Old Nick
Saw dog wearing lead PROVERB
Seen in disco: green monster OGRE
Shoe style BROGUE
South American range ANDES
Spread in France and the Orient FEAST
Stockholm native, e.g SWEDE
The Devil (informal) Old Nick
This ultimately destined to leap, when developed! TADPOLE
Torch say not heavy LIGHT
Tree old as it happens OLIVE
Unselfish nurse with ego shattered GENEROUS
Valuable song heard to emerge in outline? HEIRLOOM
Warm man with a sheep heat up